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What is a Lightworker


I hear the statement often “I wish I had abilities like you!” and I reply asking “How would you use them to be of service?”. To be a Lightworker means working always for THE LIGHT. As a child I surrendered to be of service. I always have allowed Divine to work through me and it is a norm to me, like eating or taking a shower. However, to others I see this desire for what labelled abilities is. Are you holding yourself back from achieving this by the mere blinding of your own desire?

To be a Lightworker is a nonstop job and an honor. You surrender your Free Will to allow what is for the highest good of ALL OF CREATION to be your daily duties. With this comes no room for service to self. Reflect on thyself and see are you truly ready to place all your own desires aside and focus only on others? To surrender fully to Spirit and trust the pathway shown to you step by step. For this is how Spirit works. When you are a Lightworker, the full pathway is rarely shown. You trust Spirit completely that when it is time for a new step, it will be shown to you. In the mortal mind of Human this is not tolerable, for they are impatient and want it all now. How is this trusting Spirit? Yes, as a Light Spark experiencing existence in Human form you will have those moments, but how often is the question.

To be a Lightworker you no longer are controlled by the Emotional Body, and you no longer operate from the motherboard of the mortal mind. You no longer are “I”, for you become “we”. Working through this physical vessel are The 144 Seraphim for this is who manages this vessel. When you connect to your own Spirit, your family will work as ONE through you as well. In the moments when service is implemented the mortal mind does not operate. The motherboard you become plugged into will be that of you Monad, your Oversoul, your Pearl Self. This is who you allow to work through you, you merge fully into your own pillar of light to allow IT to flow through you as the worker of light.

Therefore, some of you are here to learn how to become a Lightworker. Teachers are placed among your path to show you The Way. Do not take them for granted or be too needy of their time. You are not the only student they are told to feed. Allow them to give you a few tools, then use them on YOU. Learn to trust what you feel, see, and hear from within. Your greatest teacher is always with you, for it is YOU. Your schoolbook is your heart, open it up and read what is says.

A Lightworker is always working. Therefore, remember the vessel needs time for grounding and will ask for moments of solitude to recharge or integrate new Light Codes. It is up to the operator to say no to the students who are codependent and to ask for rest. As a Lightworker you must have balance and boundaries. Balance is key while still in an elemental form, meaning a form made of Earthly elements. The more Light that flows through you, the more Light anchoring into the Earthly elements. This is what is being ascended, the elements. As the Earthly form heals, it makes room for Light to enter and expand throughout the Earthly Kingdoms. This in return upgrades all elements it is connected to.

What is Light? It is made of bundles of electromagnetic fields carrying photons. Each field has its own specific vibration, and each vibration is key to Creation. Each spark of Light operating through the Earthly vessel is important and needed for The Creational Body. Each Lightworker is important because The Light works through them in infinite oscillations. You are the mere photon carrying its own vibrational field which in turn emits Light.

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