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Channeled Oracle Light Art

This is a small collection of Channeled Light Art by 144 Angel Oracle Zaneta Ra. This art is designed to help you connect with the 144 frequencies that flow through all of existence. The origin of an Oracle Image is to act as an oculus between the receiver and the other realms. The accurate way to work with Oracle Images (cards etc) is to allow it to be that spiritual oculus and not to lean on what a book or anyone else tells you. This is the process of leaning on a crutch and not fully surrendering to your Spirit and trusting your own Light Channel. You all have this ability; it starts with learning how to FLY. First Love Yourself.

As you connect with an image, allow your own Spirit team to provide the messages that are divine for you at this time node. Each time you raise in frequency, so will your message.

There are no labels on all images, to allow you to trust your own inner pearl light flow.

Click on image to enlarge.

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