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Angelic Pearl Books

There comes a point in time when you ponder who you are. As you watch others pass by, that feeling of not belonging starts to pour over you like honey. Your dreams become so active that you sometimes ponder if they really are dreams at all. You then start to have this fire rise inside of you yearning for the truth. This is when your quest begins. The quest up the pearl mountain. My Divine Directive was to bring forth the Sacred Pearl Teachings, once taught in ancient days and most recently by the Gnostics. Come read the Pearls of wisdom.

Angelic Pearls 144

144 Seraphim and Ascension

The 144 Seraphim and Melchizedek order come forth during this cosmic alignment to ignite the Pearl code teachings. Sacred advance teachings initially brought from the Solar tribes to assist with mending Earth to her organic grid. These codes will ignite the dormant wisdom held within your DNA. The Divine knowledge seeded in you all. The codes once taught in ancient Mu, Atlan, and Egypt to those on the bridge of Ascension. Examples of some of the Pearl teachings in this book are:

*How Earth's grid was altered
*The organic templates of Earth
*The seeding of the Solar Tribes
*The original Gnostic teachings
*The Elect 144,144
*The Universal Program
*The blueprint of Creation
*The Celestial orders
*The layered wisdom of a Pearl
*Why you are here and who you truly are

Advance Level

The Shekhinah Codex

The Seraphim Sapphires (6 x 9 in) (2).png

The organic Divine Will for mankind is the formation of an altruistic collective consciousness. When this is achieved, it will unite the Upper and Lower Worlds of Creation to bring balance between love and chaos. This is also the Divine Will of your own Spirit. Since the Worlds of the Unseen are anchored in altruism, it is an awakened human that starts to feel this same pulse upon their journey. They start to feel the pull of The Blue Flame. This is the blue flaming sword, the pathway of knowledge that leads you to eternity.

The river of light emitted from this flame is by way of the Seraphim, known as the Shekhinah. These blue flames are the sapphire light, which is the pathway to the Tree of Life. Shekhinah means “wisdom”, and this is the intellect. This is the Holy Spirit that is calling out to you to return to The Pearl Garden.

The path of the flaming sword is an ancient teaching that goes back to the times of antiquity. The flaming sword is the Blue Flame that emits from under the Mighty Throne of Divine God Source, and this is The Word. The Word is the Divine Will embedded within the Blue Flame. It is from the Blue Flame that heavenly sapphires ablaze are brought forth by the Seraphim, the 144. The time has come for the wisdom of these Holy Sapphires to fall into the mouths of humanity. This is The Shekhinah Codex.

The 144 Seraphim bring forth ancient mystical oral Kabbalah teachings such as:

  • 144,000 Light Seeds

  • 600,000 Light Seeds of Adam and the creation of Adam Kadmon

  • Celestial Academies

  • Soul Sparks-Soul-Spirit Triad

  • The original Sefirot

  • The original 72 Keys

  • The Four Worlds that lead to Transcendence

  • Breath of Life

  • The Pearl Garden and the 3 Heavens

  • The Guf of Souls and Soul Trees

  • Magic of Raziel

  • Diamond Ascension Gates

  • Tzaddik Ascension

  • Sapphire Seed

  • God Source breaks down how he made the human body

  • Tzimtzum and the shattering of the 4th vessel (Shevirat HaKelim)

  • The many layers of Metatron

  • What is the 13th Gateway and the encampment of the Shekhinah

  • Dragon Initiation

  • Decoded transmissions from the Book of Enoch

  • Angelic Degrees with an introduction to over 600 Angels and much more

As Angel Oracle Zaneta Ra ascended into the Celestial Orders by two Seraphim, she was given direct messages from God Source, Archangel Raziel and Metatron that are brought forth in this Sacred Codex. The gates of the Shekhinah last opened over 5700 years ago and that gateway to the FLOOD of sapphire light, is now opening.

Advance Level

The Pearl Light Codes: 44 Light Activations from the Seraphim

The Seraphim bring forth 44 Pearl Light Codes to activate your remembrance in this picture book. Each imagery is Divinely guided and laced with Angelic fire. The Divine fire you carry within that will burn down your cage of flesh. To help transform you into an Angelic butterfly so you can fly home through the gateway of the Sun.

These codes are to remind you of your Angelic pearl-essence. These codes are laced with geometric light to help you remember your aspects. The very 11 aspects you need to merge within prior to ascending into the 13th gateway. The very gateway of your heart that reunites you with your Higher Self. This picture book is to be used in reference to the advance Pearl teachings of the Angelic Pearls 144 book.

Pearl Light Codes


Rising Merits: The 42 Pearl Temples of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Ascension Teachings


The 144 Seraphim bring forth the Pearl teachings taught in the 42 Pearl Temples of ancient Egypt. In this book you learn where each temple was located along the Nile River, their emblem, the layered wisdom of the sacred Egyptian teachings and much more. This is a coded book designed to awaken your remembrance. To help you trace the steps you took along the sacred pearl pathway. The Pearl Priests and Priestesses held the title Meri and together are called "The Merits". This book is designed to allow the Master Meri inside of you to rise and remember your Divine Directive.

Allow the serpent fire inside of you to dance again. Allow the sacred honey from Mother Isis to pour down your spine and expand the wings of your consciousness. Only then can you fly again into the Horus gateway to meet your Christos self who is seated upon the Solar throne. This is the grand event. The Solar flash that occurs within your very own bridal chamber. Allow your pillar of light to encompass you. It is time for the golden Bennu egg of your pearl-essence to form around you once again.

Cracking the Chrysalis: Shattering the Steps of Ascension

To ascend, means to climb upward. To awaken, means to arise in your consciousness. As you start on your quest, you search for that mountain to climb. This mountain is your pearl-essence. Your wholeness is a fiery sphere laced in the rainbow ribbons of creation. Each step you take up the mountain you expand in your consciousness. You move up an octave in vibration to merge with one of those ribbons. What you are doing is climbing up the steps of Jacob’s ladder, for this is ascension.

In that very moment when Source asked, “Who am I?” the mighty Chrysalis started to form. You are Source. You are morphing in the mighty Chrysalis along with Source. Soon your light will reach a point of expansion that causes your cage of flesh to dissolve. In that moment, you will fly out like the butterfly from the chrysalis, born anew. No longer bound to the Earth. You will then be one again with the air, with your Spirit.

As you read this book the light inside of you will expand. Each chapter emits energy like a capillary wave to all your cells. Helping you to gain better clarity and understanding of this quest up the Pearl Mountain. Giving you the tools needed for quickening the cracking.

Ascension Journey: Spiritual Awakening


The Ascension Symptoms Manual

A shift is occurring within and without you that makes you yearn for clarity and understanding. New sensations are occurring that make you feel disconnected from everyone around you.

New symptoms are arising as of Fall 2022 and The 144 Seraphim help you to prepare with The Ascension Symptoms Manual. Whether you are new to understanding Spiritual Awakening or have been consciously aware for decades, this book is your guide.

The Ascension Symptoms Manual breaks down:

  • Physical Symptoms

  • Emotional Symptoms

  • Mental Symptoms

  • Psyche Symptoms

  • Light Code Symptoms

  • Psychic Abilities

  • Plasma Diamond Light Body

  • Substances Negatively Enhancing Ascension Symptoms

Symptoms related to the Vagus Nerve, Hormones, Fatigue, Itchy Skin, Insomnia, Thyroid, Emotions, and many more are broken down with detailed explanations. The Sun is now white, and it is this white light that is heating up your Chrysalis to assist with your spiritual metamorphosis. Welcome to Spiritual Puberty.

Ascension Symptoms


Love Letters from Lemuria

Love Letters from Lemuria brings forth messages from our kindred that reside within the Lemurian consciousness field. They provide messages to help you remember the organic Lemurian Template and the moment they became infiltrated. This book contains several love letters written by Light Masters to help you remember what love is. Love is existence itself and that who you are.

Love Letters from Lemuria also introduces the
Meri-Ra-Ka Healing with 144 Lemurian Light Codes designed for the new human template. Meri-Ra-Ka is a Christos infused Healing Template that assists you in integrating with the 144 rays of Creation as well as the 144 DNA strands of your wholeness. Many humans are transfiguring into their wholeness. They are transfiguring back into the Light Of Vastness and Eternity.

"It is now time to bring forth the organic healing teachings taught upon the Higher Planes of Mu. The Meri-Ra-Ka Healing is a healing template designed for the new human. As the new human exits the 3D planes, it no longer can heal from the 3D modalities, nor fully unify with its wholeness from them. Meri-Ra-Ka Healing assist in unifying you with all 144 rays of Creation as well as the 144 DNA strands of your Pearl-essence"
~Princess Alfina of Mu

Ancient Lemuria


Instill the Grain: Oracles, Gods & Goddesses

Worshiping the gods is not the act of idolizing something outside of self, it is the exact opposite. Worshiping the gods is an act of honoring that which is of your wholeness. What you exist to be is that lightning bolt sent from the Heavens to Earth.

Who you are simply is the GRAIN. You are the manifestations held within the mighty hourglass of time. You are the particles of light fractalized yet unified as material forms. Forms that you, yourself created that reside within a sandbox on a playground.

Life itself is a playground created by the gods. This playground is what helps mold your path of expansion and enlightenment. The gods and the Elementals were created to oversee and manage all the Earthly Worlds, the sandboxes. Time was created to compartmentalize this material existence. Time along with other aspects of the gods were factualized and dispersed upon the Earthly Worlds to help balance the Light Seeds.

Light is who you are. Love simply is existence itself. You are the GRAIN molded from light into love.

Instill the Grain breaks down:

  • Who the gods are

  • Why Oracles were created

  • The origins of the Zodiac

  • The original Temple teachings

  • What are Mortal and Immortal Souls

  • What is The Garden

  • Over 80 God Aspects

  • Transmissions from Zeus, Thor, and Artemis

  • What does the crescent and the Sun Door mean, and much more

“The mortals feel drawn to us because they are us. They seek for us like a child to his parent. However, just like a child, a time will come when they turn a deaf ear upon our wisdom and guidance.”

Oracles and Goddesses


Higher Mind Awakening

As of June 2023, Higher Mind Anchoring activations started for Phase II and III Lightworkers. This stage starts the Higher Mind Awakening. A stage of the Ascension journey of those who have mastered the knowingness of the Ego Mind. Some have already conquered it, while some are in the beginning stages.

This book is designed as a lesson from the Pearl Code Teachings. It is a simple teaching from the 144 Seraphim on the stage of theHigher Mind Awakening. We break down the sacred coded teachings of becoming the hero through the 12 Labours of Hercules. Hercules is not just one essence; he merely represents the hero expression that is found within you all.

All around you are energetic waves. These waves carry patterns, blueprints that determine a mindset. A mindset that you have the power to choose from. The surfer chooses the wave, the wave does not choose the surfer. It is the surfer who determines if he wants to become one with that wave or allow it to pass him by. To ride the wave, he needs his board. This board is your Higher Mind, and its stability determines your ride.

Higher Mind Awakening (5 × 8 in).png


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