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What is Spirituality?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Excerpt from Cracking the Chrysalis: Shattering the steps of Ascension©2022 Zaneta Ra


Ascension can be summed up in one sentence, it is bringing light into your cellular structure from your Higher Self until your cells can no longer hold it and they expand as one with the Light. As more light comes into them, more shadows of self-reflection arise. For those who resist facing their own shadows it can cause a very uncomfortable ride. This ride will send them outside of themselves to seek for a community to belong. They subconsciously seek to belong not realizing they are avoiding the inner metamorphosis.

By resisting your healing journey, you have now created time loops for yourself. A huge part of the healing journey your Soul selected was to act as a catalyst for your awakening. Existing in these time loops can cause you to collect into your energy field inorganic information. One of the biggest ones I have noticed is where people hear or read about a spiritual archetype (example Mary Magdalene) and take it on as if it is themselves. When you are one with your Higher Self you do not need a label. As the 144 said in the Rainbow Warriors section of the Angelic Pearls 144 book “Labelling is dividing”. Yes, there are times when you are given a title to work under per a Divine Directive, but there are very few incarnated with these duties.

Some communities and teachers are themselves walking down the same path. These teachers have taken information from the illusionary Astral plane and brought it into this plane. They have taken these illusions onto themselves as if they are one with them. When it comes to shadows at play, keep in mind they are masters at shapeshifting. One can easily dream or connect during a meditative state to these beings and develop addictive behaviors. The 144 told me long ago that to truly know if something is inorganic, be observant to your behavior patterns. If you are developing addictive type behaviors, then you are connecting to an inorganic source.

Many see Spirituality as a trend or a religion when it is simply the state of being. This label has become highly misconstrued. The accurate understanding of this term is this:

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