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Inorganic New Age Movement

Being multidimensional means you exist upon many time nodes concurrently. The current time node your consciousness is anchored upon is located at a very important point in Galactic time. It is imperative to understand that this planetary body exist in many planes and timelines. In the linear future upon an inorganic timeline, it was blown up. Many of you are here today assisting the prevention of such an atrocious outcome. However, if we completely erase an inorganic timeline by default, we erase the organic ones. Therefore, the hijacked timelines must continue to playout.

My memories of an Angelic council meeting were of this proposal. There was a division over whom would be the full Commander of Earth. This was given equally to both the shadows and the light aspects of the Hierarchy. Knowing that the New Age movement would occur at this time node, many of you came to help collect concurrent Soul fractals. The hijacked timelines as disclosed in the book Angelic Pearls 144, was Atlantis. We find this being not of the linear past but of the linear future. The lure of this has already begun.

The hijacking gameplan is to paint lipstick on a pig for the New Age movement. Meaning, many players in the game look pretty and talk pretty but it is all an act. This is where discernment is key. Are you following someone because others do or because this Lightworker is truly helping you upon your awakening path? Now ask the question is this helping you for only a moment at surface level or is it deeper at a Soul level?

Part of the plan was also to cause distraction away from Earth and towards the Galactic worlds. As stated by Lisa Renee :

One of the most appealing ways the Thothian groups have found to manipulate the New Age, is to promote the states of astral bliss through the slick marketing of spiritual consumerism, which many people line up for like astral junkies to get a hit of false love transmitted from the astral plane implants while participating in these retreats. There is a manipulated state of astral bliss which is a type of emotional conditioning to activate addictive response patterns, while participating with many of the New Age group modalities that are hijacked by Thothian entities. Retreats that scratch the surface and allow us to feel something, allow us to check off a box that later gets turned into, I’m beyond all that shadow because I’ve dealt with that already. Thus, the setup is to ignore red flags and emotional weakness in everyday life, because the fear of actually facing deeper issues and having to make changes in one’s lifestyle is too overwhelming. Spiritual development is about getting the negative ego out of the driver’s seat and being open and willing to feel the changes that need to actually happen, while being honest with ourselves. If we are really being honest, we may know we need to change, but we will be faced with a test of self-responsibility. In the consumer spiritual market, we can transfer that responsibility onto something else and pretend that we are actually doing something spiritual, because we paid for a product or listened to a guru type that promised awakening.”

This all aligns with what the Seraphim showed me and I have spoken about in my many teachings “You are not a Starseed, you are a Lightseed.” It is important to really go within and remember why you are here. Yes, you are here to ascend the physical vessel meaning the Earthly Elements. Physical ascension happens when the cellular structure can no longer anchor your light. This is what a Lightseed does, they anchor THE LIGHT. This anchoring will help keep the organic timeline on track and can possibly help some of your fractals as well as others from fully anchoring on the inorganic timelines. They also go over in the book Angelic Pearls 144 the many types of records. They discuss how many are tapping into the Lower Akash which houses inorganic timelines and programming beliefs. It has become such a "Hip movement" to get readings on lifetimes people had on other planets. But what about your existence as a Light Master not of form? Is this not what is more important to understanding your overall Soul and Divine Mission? If you are here as part of The Melchizedek Ur Mandate this means you came from another Universe to assist this one back to alignment. Therefore, your existence prior to this Universal Structure is important to self-discovery. This directive is fully explained in the book Angelic Pearls 144.

Remember “ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN’T GOLD”, meaning it is not always truly Christ Consciousness. You are never alone, the Angels are always with you because they ARE YOU.

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