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Spiritual Sun Sirius

Sunday, July 3, 2022, will be the opening of a highly spiritual gateway. An alignment opening a portal from our local Sun to the Sun gate of Sirius. Many ancients have revered Sirius as the local Spiritual Sun. This is because it is from the Metatronic Mind (Universal Sun) Source codes are emitted into Sirius then into our local Sun. This will then hit the F-layer of Earth’s Ionosphere via Solar Flare Pearls. The F-layer houses the most electrons which peaks more during the day, in my visions I see these highly charged Pearls coming into the collective during the day July 5th-7th (high vibrational Souls are already feeling them). It is important to note just above the F-layer is where you have a high mixture of hydrogen and helium. This mixture is predominantly responsible for the evolution of this Universal body.

A schematic representation of the different ionospheric sub-layers and how they evolve daily from day to night periods.

Carlos Molina, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons, no changes made.

Sirius’s Spiritual Sun shines 23 times brighter than our local Sun. In Egypt this was said to be the Sun of Mother Isis. For those who have read my book “Rising Merits”, you will see Isis merely is an archetype for your Pearl Self (Oversoul). What does this mean? When this alignment happens is when the highest number of codes can come into your energetic field. These are YOUR PEARL CODES. The highest droplets of your own Christos light. It is during this time one can access the most downloads, magic, timeline jumping, clarity, and spiritual integration. This also is the highest peak (timeframe) where one can Ascend their pillar of light and meet their Christos self. Does not mean all will per many of The Elect 144,144 are going to house their Christos in form and walk as a Shining Human amongst the masses. This will be for a short time, and those who are in the lower 3rd Density consciousness will not be able to see them.

"I have been looking at you,

but your appearance is not strange--you are like me!

You yourself are not different--you are like me!

My mind was resolved to fight with you,

(but instead?) my arm lies useless over you.

Tell me, how is it that you stand in the Assembly of the Gods,

and have found life!"

~Tablet XI Epic of Gilgamesh

As Gilgamesh spoke to Utanapishtim, you clearly read this is an Ascended human. The story continues as Utanapishtim explains “I will reveal to you, Gilgamesh, a thing that is hidden…” and this is the role of The Elect when they start to glow.

Many are experiencing a lot of physical shifts at this now time and I have forewarned how it would peak in July. This is because your Higher Self is sending the highest vibrational light codes currently per the Spiritual Sun gateway. In Shamanic cultures this gateway is said to be a portal to the gods and spiritual journeys can occur. Therefore, some may have an overactive dream state. Keep a journal on them and all downloaded information you receive. Do not try to analyze it or use the mortal mind to understand, just scribe it. For those who draw and paint, take time to go into your heart center and allow your essence to flow out light codes. Sometimes it comes out via imagery to activate you by your physical eyes. Do not worry if you do not understand them, it is about an activation. Try to rest during this time and listen to your vessel. Remember you have a complete cellular transitioning happening. You are here to anchor as much Christos light as your cellular structure can house before they merge as pure diamond light with your Higher Self.

Come out of the masses. Stand-alone like a LION and live your life according to your own LIGHT.

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1 Comment

Maria Aguilar
Jul 02, 2022

Thank you Zaneta ☀️🥰🙏🏽

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