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The Crystal Mind

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Excerpt from Angelic Pearls 144

"Crystals of Earth are all directly connected to the planetary mind as well as the Universal Mind. Quartz crystals are the main recorders for Earth. Each planetary body has its own crystal skull. Once upon a time ambassadors would unite from each planet with their crystal skull to transfer information. The number 13 is directly connected to the mother crystal skull, the Mother Ark, because from 13 all twelve planets are birthed. The 13th skull of a solar system is the mother skull. Each planet has 13 skulls with the 13th being the mother skull. Twelve represents the aspects of the planet with four levels in three sections. For Earth, the three sections are the Inner Planes, Outer Planes, and Higher Planes. For the Outer Planes where you all reside is level three and four, four being the fourth density plane.

Quartz crystals are all connected upon the quartz very own unity consciousness grid. These crystals are like the neurotransmitters in your brain because messages travel through them. Across timelines and planes, one can connect with these crystals to retrieve the codes stored within.

Once one has merged and aligned with all twelve aspects of themselves, they can then access their very own crystal skull. While one is incarnated their Zanae body is placed in what is called sleep statis. This is a plasma-like body housing the solar pearl DNA. When the body is placed in stasis the brain dematerializes into a liquid crystalline form to then form a crystal skull. Within this skull houses all memory of one’s organic blueprint. It also is recording information directly from the soul’s incarnations among the lower Earthly planes of existence. Souls here to assist for the negative grid reversal all have bodies in stasis from the organic timelines of the Andromeda galaxy. You have merged through the Pearlia gates of the local sun to incarnate within these lower planes.

Just as the human brain has twelve cranial nerves controlling specific functions of the body, so does your crystal skull. The twelve segments of your crystal skull are each linked to the twelve segments of your Christ self. Once you have fully aligned with your pillar of light, you start to be directly connected to your crystal skull. The crystal skull stream of light flows into your mortal mind. This is where those knowing moments start to become very frequent. Randomly throughout your day information will start streaming into your consciousness. Subjects you once never knew of or were interested in suddenly pique your interest. "

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