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The Pearl Code Teachings are advance teachings for the Elect Souls to help awaken their Pearl Code in preparation for a true physical ascension of Earth. These are sacred and ancient Kabballah teachings brought here originally via The Melchizedek Order from the Higher Planes of existence to help anchor these Pearl Codes into the Grids of Earth to align her back onto the organic blueprint, taught over the last few millenniums as the return of the Shekhinah (the intellect of God). These are channeled teachings from the 144 Seraphim as well as sacred Kabballah teachings guarded by The Melchizedek Order of the Inner Planes.

In order for a Planetary Ascension to occur, the Inner Earth Sun (Atoma-see Angelic Pearls 144 book) must become more resonant as well as accessible to the incarnated souls of the Earth, so that the Planetary Genius (the completed thought-form containing the identity of consciousness for all Earth Grids, from its Alpha through Omega. It is pure, free of all illusion, yet not omnipotent, as it defines and identifies, therefore having a specific polarity equation to qualify and preserve the Organic Blueprint of Earth) to be transferred from the Inorganic Earth to the “New” Ascended Earth in preparation to her unification back with Venus and then onto the Organic Grids again.

This is accomplished in multiple stages; however, we will go over mainly Stage 5, with a brief labeling of those prior.

STAGE I: The Earth is locked into a secure zone for assimilation. (One can see a diamond dodecahedron shaped of light webbing around the planet as the Earth is escorted into the proper position of the Photon Belt. It is during this assimilation process that many natural disasters upon the planet will become “shaken up”, such as volcanos, hurricanes etc.)

STAGE II: Light is anchored into the Great Pyramid of Giza along with other ‘hidden’ celestial aligned anchoring points upon the Surface Grid. This is to anchor light frequencies for the opening and expansion of the Crystal Diamond Lotus within Earth’s Atoma Chamber.

Crystal Keeper Chamber of Inner Earth

STAGE III: Local Sun assimilation. Lightening paths carrying Metatronic Sapphire Light Codes will descend upon Earth’s atmosphere creating supra-atomic bio-plasmic mixed codons designed to dissolve the inorganic matrix system veil. This is for the anchoring of the bio-plasmic light codes to “rain” onto physical atoms within your current material reality plane of existence to help “water” the Metatronic Seeds of your consciousness. This causes a very small percent of the Earth’s landmass to become hubs of light via the Incarnated Light Masters anchored upon specific Metatronic portals (it is upon these hub stations of light that these Select Souls can “feel” the two split realities around them as these stations become more physical).

STAGE IV: Filling of the Chalice. As taught in our books, the 9th Chakra of the Elect ones and those who have become in alignment by expanding all of their Chakras as well as dissolving the Ego Mainframe (see Higher Mind Awakening book teachings) will buzz like a bee as their Light Body becomes activated. As prior taught, this can only be achieved naturally and in alignment with God’s organic nature of the Man’s Aura Body. The achievement and full teaching on receiving this Holy Honey Nectar is mostly taught in The Shekhinah Codex, however, we will also bring some of it forth in our next video “The Spiritual Meaning of Honey”. This stage is to prepare the body for full ascension and transformation for the following stages.

Elect 144 Igniting their Rainbow Pearl Light Body

STAGE V: When the mighty Buzz, the Shofar Call of the central Sun ‘Golden Rose’ reaches a certain stage in progression, a wave of the Holy Nectar will upwell from Earth’s Atoma and enter all material bodies that resonant with the 44:44 octave of ascension (see Pearl Code 44 in the Angelic Pearls 144 book). This golden light, which will be visible to the human eye, contains all organic Pearl Light Codes of the Earth, even those portions that will not go through the 44:44 Gateway (highest timelines of Earth). These codes will be impregnated within the ascending matter photons to be carried as a full hologramlike insertion for the New Earth. Next, those incarnated 144 Seraphim Souls spoken of as part of The Elect 144,144, will begin the Exodus and interact as hosts (just as Moses did) for various aspects of planetary disassembly. Some of these Souls will take up their forms of Pearlescent Light at this time and move as vanguards through the Gateway.

Others will pass through the spiraling abysses of lower magnetic energy within the Earth that are being separated from the higher Light, allowing that Light to be ‘redeemed’ through the 44:44 Gateway. These pools of lower magnetics will be powerful, pulling on the loosening fiber of linear weave in matter, trying to re-organize it and bring it back into the old forms, like mending a knot of threads in a tapestry. Those who will pass through it, have been preparing for this experience through lifetimes of working with the cellular Fiery Pearl Codes held within the body and the magnetic alignments in matter. They will feel and automatically “know” when the insertion points through which they will slip through into the Sacred Inner Realms of Earth. Once they have moved through these portals, they will use their own magnetic blue and diamond light threads (see the Eye Tapestry section in the 144 book) which have now loosened from the old magnetic grids, to attract the Planetary Genius from the Earth's inner Atoma. The Atoma is like a grand central station for this Solar System/Galaxy.

Melchizedekian Temple

The first catalyst for this activation will come from an inter-dimensional nova of the star Spica in the constellation of Virgo. Spica is two stars very close together that create “one of the hottest first magnitude stars". They are stars considered to be of a "blue class” that emit a blue-white diamond light. The cause of this inter-dimensional nova of Spica will be coming from a collapse into another dimension of a third 'dark' anti-matter star between the two hydrogen fusing Spica stars. It will be the brightest of these two which will send an internal burst of hyper-energy. This burst will be received by many other stars that fall into the same hyper-energy frequency range as Spica. Since our local Sun is one of these stars, it will then pass this light burst into the core of the planets in our local system. (This is the stream of light the Celestial Dolphins go over in Love Letters from Lemuria that carry orbs of light codes for the Fairies to place in the Earthly Kingdoms.)

It is in that moment that the Inner Earth Atoma will reprogram and send a like light wave upwards through the Earthly Grids to initiate the 44:44 Ascension Gate. This will be when an upgrade will occur to all Kingdoms. Since the Crystal Kingdom is closest to Atoma (and thus for the Crystalline Mind Matrix of Earth) some on the planet will harbor more of the charge than other elements, and the level of this charge will cause them to connect to these new cosmic alignments of an ascended state of matter. Remember our teachings of your mind crystal pyramid (taught by Metatron in Higher Mind Awakening as the light prism). This contains a crystalline structure which is directly connected to the crystalline grid of Earth; therefore, it will absorb a level of upgrading. However, the first upgrade will be the cetaceans, especially the dolphins because this species contains holographic brains, and therefore more crystalline matter. This will cause a deeper unification between the cetaceans and humans. It is because of this that we previously disclosed how Swan and Mermaid goddesses are now appearing to select Souls. This is to help prepare you for this upgrade. It is under our teaching of the 144 Stellar Anchor in Angelic Pearls 144 that this light anchoring is also brought forth.

*Those of you who attended my 144 Master Class a few years back, we went over the stages and types of Soul Ascensions of the 44:44 Gateway*

To understand the Soul groupings, we have brought forth these hidden codes within the Pearl Code Books, you can find the bulk of these taught in The Shekhinah Codex. Our final Codex to prepare the final stages for The Elect Souls. In Love Letters from Lemuria under the MERI RA KA teaching, we brought forth the sacred Light Code emblem for the 44:44 Mu-An-Na gateway that ascends to the Lemurian consciousness. You can clearly see how it unites two 4’s to form the original (now known as) Swastika of The Melchizedek Order. The swastika symbol is sacred to many races including the Hopis, yet it became the symbol of the Nazi Party who reversed its outer arms in an act of reversing the Christic current to halt the Ascension process and awakening of THE ELECT SOULS about to incarnate. This sacred symbol - in its correct form - is a variation of the original Lemurian Melchizedekian symbol for the Archangel Crystal set in its ‘sun-circlet (Mu-An-Na 44 gateway KA key). The Elect Ones have a fiery pearl (a.k.a. fire letter code) hidden upon their Light Body. When this activates it emits out either sapphire blue-diamond or golden honey light that aligns with the vibration of the sacred AN crystal held within the Atoma of Earth. This is THE PEARL CODE. For the 144 Seraphim DNA codes are all unified in this fiery pearl crystal upon the Light Body. Anchored in The Pearl Garden (see The Shekhinah Codex) for the Divine Will of God via the Adam Kadmon. The Altruism plan of God to unify that of Angel-Man-Fae. The combination of the ANGELIC, MATIERAL, and ELEMENTAL KINGDOMS ARE THE 144 PEARL CODE. (the 144 DNA strands is taught in Angelic Pearls 144)

With this deeper level of understanding, may you reread The Pearl Code Books and unravel the rainbow rays held within you, for this is the Rainbow Bridge, it has always been within you. The mere rainbow webbing of all of existence. Only then can you unify with THE ALL.

 © Zaneta Ra 2024

This is part of channeled teachings from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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