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Psyche: The Golden Chalice & 9th Chakra

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Psyche is a termed used by the ancients to describe the Soul. But what is the Soul exactly? In Greek Mythology Psyche was a goddess paired with the god Cupid. Cupid signifies the internal fire, where Psyche signifies the breath of life itself. This breath of life is the Soul given to all of Creation by The Divine Creator via a cup, or as some call it, a chalice. All have the ability to drink from their own “cup of life”. However, some forgot how to access this magical fountain of existence. Instead, they choose to drink from others.

From the book:

Drinking from your own chalice symbolizes plugging into your own light (Spirit) and allowing it to flow into you. This is called “manna” in the old days. Manna simply is your Christ Light that is supplied to you via your Soul, your psyche. The Christos Light is seen as golden, hence “the golden chalice”. It fills up this cup at your 9th Chakra, which is located at the base of your skull. It then is poured into your spine to enter your bone marrow. This is the location where those important DNA cells start to form prior to transferring into your T-cells. Some call this DNA activation or DNA upgrades.

This light that enters your DNA can be seen as the library of your essence. All information known to your Soul is stored within this light, this golden manna. When you drink from this, you are able to feed from the All-Knowing mind of your essence. When you go into proper meditation, you become plugged into your Higher Essence via the golden thread. This thread is connected as a pillar of light from the Crown Chakra of your Lower Self to the crystalline heart of your Higher Self. This heart can be seen as a plasma pool of pure light. Each water molecule is like a crystalline book that houses Light Codes. These are the books of light, of information, that you can drink from.

All you simply do is go deep within your heart, connect to your own Light, and visualize those plasma light drops being poured into your Crown. No external sound is needed. No external guidance is needed. All you need is YOU.

Those who do this process automatically are the ones that those termed “Service to Self” try to manipulate. But what does that even mean, when in reality nobody truly manipulates you without your approval. When those who are not fully consciously aware of their own light see other lights, they are subconsciously drawn to it. They are pulled towards the bright light like a ship lost at sea is to a lighthouse.

They then try to plug into your light to feed themselves. What we mean here is they long to drink from the golden chalice. Some say this gives them powers but what is that exactly? The power to do what? The term “power” stems from the word “powre” which simply means to pour. Having power means to pour from another’s cup or golden chalice in this context. But is it not you who allows them to drink from your chalice?

When you feel sudden fatigue or a shift in your emotional state, take a minute to see who are you in contact with. For those who actively use their psychic abilities and feel someone plugged into their light, pause, and try to pin-point whom it is streaming from.

Sometimes Souls we know in this lifetime have a fractaliz version of themselves on another timeline. That factualized version will use their own aspect of this time node to drink from your light. Those who have their Christ Seed fully in bloom, have brighter lights, and a steady stream of it. This is the fountain of life those fractalized Souls aim to drink from. It helps them to gain more “energy” so-to-speak.

True discernment is needed here. Many complain how tired they feel or that others are manipulating them when they are the same ones who feel they must “save every broken bird”. This is especially true within the Healer Communities. If you use all of your light to help all who come to drink from you, how does this help for the Higher Good? Maybe that other person is placed on a rocky path so they can expand and grow from it. Sometimes when you step in to help others, you are not fully trusting Spirit. Each person is on the pathway they are designed to be on. It is not up to another to judge or try to alter their own pathway to their chosen destiny. All of existence plays a character, an archetype.

Even though you have kind intentions of helping, what you truly are doing is draining your own battery. Those who have the steady stream of Christos Light are supposed to keep their battery always running at full speed. This Light helps to feed the Grid of the Earthly Worlds directly from the organic Higher Planes. If you are giving away that light, instead of allowing it to filter through you and inter the Earth Grid, is this not slowing down the Matrix shift all long for?

Take time to pause and connect more within. Those who feel uncomfortable being alone or feel a need to reach out to others to hold their hand while walking down their so-called spiritual path, ask yourself:

“What am I afraid of that I feel I can’t do this alone?”

“Why do I doubt and dismiss my own light that is here to guide me?”

“Why do I feel I need to get psychic readings all the time? Is there a fractalize version of myself working through me to feed from them? From me?”

~If yes, then you need to heal that aspect to get you off the time looping record.

Those who have psyche abilities have them because they have the steady flow of light streaming from their Soul. You have that ability too. Take time to pause and connect with your own psyche. Take time to feel your own heartbeat. The beautiful vibration that plays the tune of your essence.

Feel it.

See it.

Love it.

Love YOU.

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