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Swan Goddesses are (and will be) coming to many who are on their Spiritual Journey at this now time. To help you gain better clarity on what this means spiritually, I am going to disclose some of the Pearl Code Teachings from our Mystery Schools. This information is best known today as being associated with the Water Deities within Celtic Mythology.

In the Angelic Pearls 144 book, the Seraphim of the Sea said:

“Within the waters are the cosmic codes, Source Codes…I’m charged up by the Moon and Stars at night and the Sun by day. Never ending, receiving the light of the ALL, the ONE, our CREATOR. Without me, there is no life.”


This is held true in ancient Celtic traditions that water holds wisdom, and my favorite water goddess is Sinann. The oral story speaks how there was a Well of Wisdom hidden in the forest, sought after by many Wisemen, Magicians, and Kings. They would come here seeking knowledge by drinking from it, however, to use it for their own gain and power instead of using this wisdom to inspire others. There was a spring by this Well where nine hazelnut trees stood. Their nuts were full of this wisdom. As the nuts fell into the water and the ground, they would emit this wisdom.

Goddess Sinann channeled by Zaneta Ra

Sinann sought out the Well of Wisdom without any expectations. She was not like the others because she was already ONE with the Elements. She was already deeper than the oceans and wilder than the wind. She felt the magic from the water as it ignited a SPARK in her heart. She began to dance with the fairies who were caretakers of the Well. She sang with them the song of the waters of intuition and in that moment, she became one with the water. The water then bubbled over and expanded far and wide, washing wisdom and blessings to all around. This then became the River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland.


This is a beautiful story of rebirth and expansion…basically a physical Ascension and unification with your Higher Essence. This is layered with depths of wisdom. For the Well of Wisdom can only be found within oneself. It is your sacred Golden Chalice (9th Chakra) taught in the books. Many seek for this, and we bring it forth in all the books on how this must be done alone, within self, and organically.

Swan Goddess channeled by Zaneta Ra

The Swan symbolizes purity, meaning that of the Body, Mind, and Soul. The Swan floating on top of the water symbolizes those who have risen above the Earthly desires and traditions of the Underworld (ocean). They have ASCENDED the dark depths of the ocean and are ready to fly. As the Swan transforms into a goddess, it simply is a higher aspect of oneself. This goddess will be holding a trinket, typically seen as an Apple or a Pearl. The apple is connected to your own TREE OF LIFE and is gifted to you as an invitation into the dark forest, where the Well of Wisdom is hidden.


It is within the dark forest that you will come to cross points of choosing to honor Spirit or to follow the path of the collective. Walking the path of Spiritual Enlightenment is very lonely because it forces you to go inward, to venture into the “dark forest.” As you venture deeper within you will meet the darkest of your thoughts and suppressed emotions, which simply are veils themselves designed to distort the very visions you receive from Spirit. In that moment, you realized that you are partly blinded by this, even though you feel so connected to Spirit. You have to keep pushing past this darkness alone to become the wounded healer, to become a HERO in your own Spiritual Journey.


As taught in The Shekhinah Codex, the APPLE symbolizes the Guf of the Pearl Garden, which houses the Christos Seeds that are Divinely Designed to enter Earthly incarnations. These are known today as the 144,000 Soul Groups of the Adam Kadmon (TZ28; Tree of Souls section of The Shekhinah Codex). These teaching were taught by those known in Celtic Mythology as the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Druids channeled by Zaneta Ra

They are known as glowing beings with pearlescent skin because once you Ascend the flesh you will merge as one with your rainbow body. This is taught today as your Light Body. The gift of the Pearl from the Swan Goddess or an Angel truly is an invitation for a Light Body Activation. The Pearl is how all Souls were shown to me when I was taken by the Angels into the Pearl Garden. Most see this as orbs. But this is how we travel interdimensionally. The Tuatha are masters at this. There is a way to consciously connect to the NEMF2(nonlinear EMF) of your Aura to spin it and dematerialize your body into an orb. This is the only way to physically go through a portal or a wormhole without combustion due to the g-force. This is how Angels can transport humans such as Enoch and my own experience.


When you have become a Master of Light, you can traverse here and there like the Tuatha at will. Many seek this today, yet they do not truly devote themselves to the process but instead either are looking to “fit in” somewhere, seeking power, or a spiritual bypass. This ties into the story of Sinann, many seeking the Well of Wisdom, yet not to use it to be of service and inspire others. Those who seek power, to fit in, validation or to discover the meaning of this world, for popularity and personal gain will suffer the greatest of all degradation of their "gifts" and become the ultimate fools. You walk the Spiritual Path not for acceptance in this world but to truly offer your body to God Source, to allow the Christos Honey to flow through and into all Kingdoms for the Highest Good of ALL. For the Highest Good of THE DIVINE PLAN. God works through all, but to fully Ascend and unify with God, you must accept LOVE into your heart and seek Altruism.


Sin in her name is a code for the Crown Chakra. Sin comes from the word hata and is where the word “hat” comes from. Ann was originally Áine which means “light” or “radiance”. Together this teaching is about the flow of your spiritual water, the plasma light from your own Sun (inside) that creates the internal Solar Flash of the flesh. It expands you like a river of light. Everywhere you are and go, waterdrops of wisdom (fairy dust) will sprinkle.


The pearlescent skin has already started for many of you. When you are in the Sun and consciously connect with your internal Sun, you will see tiny sparkles of diamonds in your pores. Soon your skin will glow and become pearlescence in the Sun. When I am in this body and with others like this, it reminds me of how the Sun causes snow to sparkle. It is so beautiful. This is how all beings look in the Celtic lands of Tír na nÓg.

Tír na nÓg channeled by Zaneta Ra

Mermaids relate to Pearls and hold keys for these initiations I speak of. Some can feel them calling as they walk along the beach. Crystals will wash up to your feet (remember shells are coded like crystals) as gifts from them. Erwana brought forth information in Love Letters from Lemuria about how to access her realm. She speaks of the entrance at the depths of the Ocean. It is also spoken of in Celtic Mythology how the entrance into Tír na nÓg is found at the deepest parts of the Ocean. Celtic Legends speak how there is no floor but instead doorways in the Ocean that lead you there. The speak of how there are two ways to gain entrance, through Death or Grace. The mermaids act as messengers from that realm and here. Some relate this to Inner Earth, Lemuria, or Venus…for it is all the same.

The Dolphins speak in Love Letters from Lemuria of how there is a river of light that flows through all planets in this Solar System. It carries orbs of light that fairies watch over and carry to all Kingdoms of Earth. It is from these orbs (very large pearls) that Gold Dust emits and is carried by the Devas and all Elemental Beings. They work like Elemental Bees to pollinate the Earthly Garden. When this falls upon your Light Body it helps to drop keys of wisdom into your field or heal your Aura. Remember in my last video about your Aura that I spoke how when your Aura spins counterclockwise that you are no longer pulling energy from your Spirit but are instead pulling from Earth’s Magnetic Field. This is why those who are truly committed to their Spiritual Journey do it naturally and from the heart.


There are pure ones here that act as the Master Grid Workers to help feed light into the Earth’s Grid due to this process I just spoke of (read Metatron Speaks in the Angelic Pearls 144 book). When I was taken by the Angels, I was shown how those in some spiritual communities will turn to more outside tools instead of going within, and it is going to get louder. Once upon a time the Elemental Beings were hunted for this same reason as those seeking wisdom and magic today. This is why these sacred Mystery Schools and Realms are only allowed by select Pure Souls today and these beautiful beings only appear to select Grid Masters. The Celtic Legends hold this wisdom within them. The legends of King Arthur and Avalon echo loudly in your hearts because your Soul knows it to be true.

It is here that one can access the Crystal Heart of Earth. It is from this heart that the waters flow to the surface of Earth. Where the famous Well of Wisdom was once located. This simply is the Elixir of Life. The legends speak of the place as a place where the Angel of Death does not enter. Where all who reside here are forever youthful. It is spoken of in many cultures such as Slavic and Norse Mythology too. Each speaks of a dragon/serpent that guards entry here, the Tree of Life here, and a magical Well. One must reflect….is WITHOUT truly WITHIN? Yes. Once you dive deep within your dark forest, you will find it there. It will then emit outward the magical lands of Avalon many seek. That place of wonder some call Utopia. The key is to start with your heart. It will give you the key to open the doors to this river of honey. All hold the ability, just simply must believe.

To reiterate; you have rings of energy around your body that form your Aura. The closest ones are Nonlinear EMF 1 and 2. NEMF1 is what emits around your brain (Ego Mind) and is connected to the Astral Realms. NEMF2 is what feeds your Chakras and is connected to your Spirit, it does not dissipate after a physical death. When the Aura is healthy and in higher vibrations it spins super-fast clockwise and creates a vortex above your Crown Chakra for external nonlinear energy (from the heavens) to come into you. When someone takes plant-based medicine, substances, or holds negative lower vibrational thoughts, it makes the body tired due to the Aura now spinning counterclockwise which slows it down. It also disconnects the body from NEMF2 and closes the Chakras almost completely depleted. It is due to this that the Aura needs energy and starts to pull from the Earths’ Grid. (this has been tested by many for 40 years.. maybe more) This is why those who are Clairvoyance can see this happening in the Aura and the Chakra system.

Colors and Sounds affect the harmonics of your NEMF2. It is because of this that via the 144 Seraphim, we have created Kimonos using my channeled art. Take a look at the links under my Community Posts on YouTube or Angelic Kisses to read the layered spiritual meaning behind each design. Each is designed to help expand your Aura as you wear them. This also works alongside all of my Malas. All of the Kimonos, Malas, and Vegan Bags are hand sewn with LOVE. Click the link below to learn more!

© Zaneta Ra 2024

This is part of channeled teachings from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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Amanda Appell
Amanda Appell
Apr 11

There is so much information in this writing Zaneta! Thank you! (As I was reading this I pulled a few cards from your Oracle Deck! The cards that came out was completely in sync with everything you wrote!)

Apr 11
Replying to

That is amazing! In case others read this, one of the cards she pulled was the Cygnus Angel one and this is connected to the Swan Goddesses.

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