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Love Letters from Lemuria

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The waves whisper to us of a place from long ago, a place where only the vibrations aligned with love echoes. It echoes into our blood and bones a place of purity, understanding, and expansion. The sounds we once blew as kisses into the wind now reach our skin today. They caress us with diamond dust, traveling into our pores to ignite the codes held within our DNA. The codes of the organic Muanna template, from a land some call Lemuria.

We called these lands Mu-An-Na which translates to “one water body”. This was the vibrational name for the lands because we were one with the planetary water body. We lived in unification practicing the Laws of One. Allowing the waters of the Cosmic Womb to flow through us for better understanding of Creation. To better understand the core essence of Creation, which is love.

The Divine Blueprint of the planetary sphere known as Earth is coded with the vibration of love. Venus and Earth were once one, dancing together in the Mother Universe of another dimension. Once upon a time node they became separated and fractalized into different densities and dimensions. Threads of time once woven together now reside in a ball of tangled knots. They long to be intertwined again so they can embroider anew upon the canvas of Creation.

As their aspects became more tangled, so did their blueprints of origin, which caused the timelines to densify and become numb. Numb to the organic feelings of love. Numb to the organic actions of laughter and compassion. The beings who resided in the Earthly Kingdoms moved out of the organic state of neutrality and into states of polarization.

Bubbles of emotions started to arise, causing new spectrums of feelings. Inorganic feelings known as the vibrations of rage, hate, sadness, and power. Mentalities of unworthiness, victimizing, and fear came into form causing holographic illusions of self. This did not exist in the Muanna template. This is not the organic blueprints for the Angelic Man race.

This race was created upon the Laws of One. A creation of Angelic DNA laced with unity consciousness. A form more plasma than solid so a Soul can anchor more of its consciousness in form. An expression for Source to fully feel with both physical and non-physical senses to gain better understanding of “Who am I?”. To better understand the depths of love and unity.

Each wave within the Cosmic Womb holds a vibrational elixir. An elixir of water drops your own one water body emerged from. You merged then densified to become a master surfer, to learn how to stabilize your body upon the waves of time. Gliding with ease across them with hopes of never falling. If one falls in the waters, they will forget who they are. As a master surfer your faith is strong. The faith in self to remember the techniques you learned while being one with the air (Spirit) and water. However, while in the depths of the Ocean illusions of separation arise.

It is not until you hear the whispers of the waves do you start to ponder. You start to remember and long for Muanna. It is the pure vibration of One, the wholeness of who you truly are, which is love. It echoes a vibration that is aligned with your core causing you to long for more. This is why it lures you like a moth to a flame. It pulls you into the light of its purity and brightness. It is emitting light codes lace in the vibration of love.

I bring forth the love letters from Lemuria. The light codes laced in love from the Muanna Template. Letters designed to ignite your remembrance and activate your organic Lemurian DNA. The DNA which holds the unity consciousness we lived as while we practiced the Laws of One. We sang and danced around the waters to code them for this time node. Messages encoded in the waves to expand our hearts and minds like the roots of a tree. As we expand out further, we will touch one another until in a breath we are back as one.

Love Letters from Lemuria brings forth messages from our kindred that reside within the Lemurian consciousness field. They provide messages to help you remember the organic Lemurian Template and the moment they became infiltrated. This book contains several love letters written by Light Masters to help you remember what love is. Love is existence itself and that who you are.

Love Letters from Lemuria also introduces the Meri-Ra-Ka Healing with 144 Lemurian Light Codes designed for the new human template. Meri-Ra-Ka is a Christos infused Healing Template that assists you in integrating with the 144 rays of Creation as well as the 144 DNA strands of your wholeness. Many humans are transfiguring into their wholeness. They are transfiguring back into the Light Of Vastness and Eternity.

"It is now time to bring forth the organic healing teachings taught upon the Higher Planes of Mu. The Meri-Ra-Ka Healing is a healing template designed for the new human. As the new human exits the 3D planes, it no longer can heal from the 3D modalities, nor fully unify with its wholeness from them. Meri-Ra-Ka Healing assist in unifying you with all 144 rays of Creation as well as the 144 DNA strands of your Pearl-essence" ~Princess Alfina of Mu

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