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Gods of Zeus: Ascension Teachings

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Introduction from our newest book INSTILL THE GRAIN: Oracles, Gods and Goddesses

"Worshiping the gods is not the act of idolizing something outside of self, it is the exact opposite. Worshiping the gods is an act of honoring that which is of your wholeness. What you exist to be is that lightning bolt sent from the Heavens to Earth.

Who you are simply is the grain. You are the manifestations held within the mighty hourglass of time. You are the particles of light fractalized yet unified as material forms. Forms that you, yourself created that reside within a sandbox on a playground. You have the Divine Will to choose any sandbox you desire. You have the power of choice. You have the power to play in solitude or among those you feel drawn to.

Life itself is a playground created by the gods. Just like any playground, there is always a bully. However, this bully is your teacher hidden under a shadow mask. This playground is what helps mold your path of expansion and enlightenment. Just like any schooling, you have the power of choosing where you want to go next. Some allow their parents to choose for them. Some follow in cliques. Some are nomads, merely wiseman in the making. There is never a wrong time to choose, for even a grandparent can alter their path and choose to master a new trade.

The gods and the Elementals were created to oversee and manage all the Earthly Worlds, the sandboxes. If you go to the start of the Pearl Code teachings (Angelic Pearls 144 book), we speak about the Alpha: Omega. Those first sparks emitted from THE MIND are most known as The Illuminated Ones, Angels, or Manifestations of The Light. These sparks were birthed from the void. That very existence outside of time and space because it is time and space. Just like your very thoughts are birthed from the void of your mind, so was existence itself.

We spoke of how the first thought emitted 144 sparks knowns as The Seraphim. 72 aspects of shadows and 72 aspects of light, the 144 Rays of Creation. The ones known in legends as the gods are themselves extensions of the 144 rays of existence. It is from the God Worlds that they projected particles of themselves into the Earthly Worlds. Souls created from them are those that stem from the 9D realms and below. These are what we term as Mortal Souls.

Those of the material planes travel throughout the Earthly Worlds to evolve and traverse. It was not until these particles of the gods started to become resistant in nature, that The Illuminated Ones were sent by Divine. This was implemented because the imbalance of energy from the Earth Worlds caused the God Worlds themselves to become unbalanced.

The god Uranos is the aspect of above Earthly Realms, and it was from him that the god Kronus (Cronus) was birthed. Kronus simply is time itself. Time was created to compartmentalize the material existence. Timelines themselves work in spirals and where they cross create portals known as time nodes. This is where selected Souls are injected to assist with balancing the energy of the Earthly Worlds.

Time along with other aspects of the gods were factualized and dispersed upon the Earthly Worlds. The god Zeus is the parental aspect of the Mortal Souls incarnated, meaning their Higher Self. The fractals of Zeus are 33, meaning his offspring seen in mythology. These are separated fractals held within this god ray expression labelled as Zeus. The 33 stairsteps one must climb in order to reach the God Worlds, a process known as Ascension.

Light is who you are. Love simply is existence itself. You are the GRAIN molded from light into love. "

Light Is God Housed in Thyself

Rhea gives rock to Cronus, {{PD-US}} by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 19th Century

“The mortals feel drawn to us because they are us. They seek for us like a child to his parent. However, just like a child, a time will come when they turn a deaf ear upon our wisdom and guidance.” ~Zeus: Channeled by Zaneta Ra

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