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EXPANDING THE LIGHTBODY: Nonlinear EMFs of the Aura Body

Updated: Apr 5

All humans have Energetic Bodies that combine to create the Aura Body. Apart from the Physical Body, this is also known as the Light Body. The very light of your Spirit densifies as plasma snow to create compositions of light that materialize into the elements that form the material body (for complete teaching please see The Shekhinah Codex). These photons of light are invisible to the naked eye and are Nonlinear. The material body operates in a Linear fashion, meaning, the future is predicted by the past and moves forward or backwards, which is TIME. Nonlinear is Zero-Point energy that operates in the NOW, meaning the God Space outside of time.


Around the material body are rings of Nonlinear EMFs (Electric Magnetic Fields). NEMF1 emits waves that fuel the Ego Mind, which is connected to the Astral Plane that can directly impact your physical reality. NEMF2 houses your Subconscious which is fueled by the Higher Mind (Spiritual Brain). The NEMF2 is an informational field that does NOT dissipate after a physical death but is eternal. This field stores memories of all the lifetimes that your Spirit endures.


The NEMF2 houses your Emotional Body. When a person is in a positive + vibrational field, meaning heart-based energies, then the Aura spins faster in a CLOCKWISE fashion. This produces harmonic waves of energy that emit pollen to your physical body that the Seraphim call Gold Dust. In nonlinear physics we learnt that clockwise spinning energy creates vortices to allow external nonlinear energy in. This creates an opening at your Crown Chakra to allow your Spiritual Honey to feed directly into your Medulla, which is your Golden Chalice. This is taught in the Pearl Code books as your 9th Chakra and is part of the Midbrain area. MRI testing has shown that when someone is in Negative – vibrational fields, it causes the middle part of the brain to be dark. Where Positive + fields illuminate the entire brain and make it less dense.

As the Spiritual Honey is poured into you, it fuels your creativity and gives you tons of energy. This is why Spiritual Masters who operate ORGANICALLY need little food or rest and have loads of energy. People always ask how do I have so much energy and need little to no rest and this is how you do it. When you are heart centered and plugged into your Spirit NATURALLY, it will expand and strengthen your Light Body to a point where you are always being fed the Christos Honey and have the ability to always be plugged into THE INTELLUCT (Shekhinah). This in turn allows you to be plugged into all dimensional fields at once, hence multi-dimensionally. What I mean by organically is to not rush the process but allow your heart to show you The Way.


The reason the Seraphim teach strongly in the Pearl Code Books to do this naturally is because when you use plant-based substances such as Ayahuasca, it disconnects your Chakras from the NEMF2 and almost completely disconnects you from Spirit. What Scientists have found testing the Aura and Chakras of people who take certain plant-based substances is that it causes the Aura to spin counterclockwise which weakens it. This also is plugging you into the Ego Mind (Atlantis Mainframe) which is directly connected to the Astral (Inorganic Timelines). This is why when people try to connect to Spirit via the crutch of substances, they will see the ILLUSIONS of what is held in their Ego. Meaning, if you want to see Jesus you will. If you want to be told you are a specific Goddess or something ego-based it will illuminate this for you.


Studies have also shown this expands the DMN (Default Mode Network) of the brain which is connected to the Astral. Overtime this can completely restructure your brain network. Because this disconnects you from the NEMF2, which is your Emotional Body, it causes that emotional numbness to occur while on these substances. It also weakens your Aura which causes the body to no longer be energized. Overtime this will completely close off Chakras starting with your 9th Chakra.

When you emit positive vibrations such as Love, it allows light of your Spirit to flow through the garden of your body at ease. The important crops of your garden are your ORGANS. Did you know that when stress signals the body that it causes your organs to hit pause? It does this because these signals are not organic to the DNA foundation of your body. Therefore, it will momentarily mobilize in order to create a response signal. Constant stress signals will overtime damage your organs due to the desynchronization of the harmonic waves flowing through your body. People can naturally heal themselves via the harmonic waves of love.


Your heart spark is the first thing that appears in an embryo and is the last to exit the body upon a physical death. When I was taken by the Angels, they showed be this as a diamond river of light that descended from a Spirit in The Pearl Garden. As this river flowed in a spiral staircase throughout dimensions of existence, pearl drops of light ejected from the river and into hearts of babies. I saw this same light from the river embedded into the placenta of the mother. This field later becomes your NEMF2. The Angels told me that the reason ancients would eat the placenta was because it held the dust of the eternal elixir. This is what would help heal the mother's womb.

“The key to everything is love, but love is NOT a feeling. It simply is BEING and DOING. It is not an emotion at all nor can it be found anywhere else but inside of oneself. Why? Because it simply IS. When one is being in the NOW, they are simply existing in their HEART. That is where LOVE resides because LOVE IS SOURCE. LOVE IS CREATION. It just simply is. People spend their entire lives trying to find this outside of themselves as if someone or something else is where they find it. No, it is found within and all around yourself. The very beating of your heart creates the magical electromagnetic field around you.”

~Cracking the Chrysalis & Love Letters from Lemuria


Love truly heals because it causes the Aura to spin in the organic nature that God designed it to be. This is echoed outside of you as Galaxies are seen as these beautiful spiral bodies. Life is held within them. This is simply a mirrored reflection of you! When your Aura spins clockwise and is able to produce harmonic waves of energy, it produces LIFE. LOVE IS LIFE. And Love is who you are. Have FAITH in yourself. All that you need to connect to the Spirit is within you. You do not need anything or anyone else. Allow the light of your heart to bloom. It is time to expand your wings and F.L.Y. (first love yourself).


Russian Scientist Shkatov discovered that + emotions cause the Aura to spin clockwise.

Good Article to read on NEMF and DNA:



FUN FACTS: The spinning direction of your Chakras & NEMF alternate during dusk and dawn. This is also why being in the Sun makes one feel more energetic. The Sun has long been used by Spiritual Master as a way to heal the Aura.

When the human Aura is in the - spectrum and spins counterclockwise, it then begains to pulls energy from Earths Magnetic Field (due to its cut off from Spirit/NEMF2). Russian Scientists have written that if 500 million people are frightened, the dropping of Earths Magnetic Field would feel like a magnetic storm.

Colors and Sounds affect the harmonics of your NEMF2. It is because of this that via the 144 Seraphim, we have created Kimonos using my channeled art. Take a look at the links under my Community Posts on YouTube or Angelic Kisses to read the layered spiritual meaning behind each design. Each is designed to help expand your Aura as you wear them. This also works alongside all of my Malas. All of the Kimonos, Malas, and Vegan Bags are hand sewn with LOVE.

© Zaneta Ra 2024

This is a Channeled Message from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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