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What are Psychic Abilities?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

From the book The Ascension Symptoms Manual

Psychic abilities are an automatic inheritance of being spiritual. Being spiritual simply is existing because it is existence itself. Energy is Creation designed to flow for all eternity. Who you are and were created to be is energy. The physical vessel is simply a vehicle your energy source uses to play in the realm of physicality. It is your intelligence that operates it via oscillation of light. Held within this light are pockets of information or what some know as light codes.

Each light code is seen as a book held within the library of existence. As each pocket of light enters the energetic field attached to your physical vessel, it opens that book for the unseen senses to read. However, one must be able to comprehend what is written in that book, just how in this realm if one only understands English then they are not able to comprehend a book written in Arabic. This works the same for light codes and psychic abilities.

When light codes are received, they are translated from the nonphysical senses to the physical ones in a way of psychic abilities. All are incarnated with these abilities, but some become more profound over a lifetime. When a light code is received, they can only pass the gates (known as energy centers/chakras) that are open. The gates become closed when energy is stagnant there. This stagnant energy is what we label as emotions. E=Mc2 is seen here as E=energy +M=movement within mass (the body) + c2=light, meaning emotions (energy) are to simply move through the vessel. It is when they are suppressed and not acknowledged that they become stagnant and create a blockage. These blockages hold the light codes at bay which are read via the labelling of psychic abilities.

Someone who has strong psychic abilities have a steady flow of light at all their energy centers. Therefore, when one has shifted the physical vessel out of 3D, their chakras are no longer separated. One by one they start to merge and flow as one rainbow river, allowing information to enter the energy field that surrounds them. This energy field is what we call the aura and houses all energy bodies of that incarnate.

Psychic abilities are known as “the Claire’s” because Claire means clear. The main psychic ability all spiritual beings have is Claircognizant. Cognizant means knowing; therefore, this ability means clear knowing. Claircognizant is when the Crown is fully open, allowing a steady stream of light into the brain. This comes into the consciousness of an incarnate and called at times channeling. It is not truly channeling at all for it is simply existing. We use the label channeling to make it easier for all to comprehend the action that is taking place here. This is being multidimensional because who you are is a multidimensional being operating through an Earthly body.

As we stated prior, existing is spiritual and all of creation is energy. From your source stream, that clear knowing enters your field through your pillar of light as an oscillation of light codes. High frequency oscillations are associated with memory storage because they cause brain waves and signals to form. Is this not the Creator? Are we not all extensions of the Creator? If the Creator is The Mind then we are all simply thought forms. This is why all of existence, all of the energy emitted out from The Source Mind, move in waves of oscillation. They move out as capillary light waves.

These waves of light enter all extensions of Creation and humans know it as Claircognizant. The waves enter the central nervous system via the Crown Chakra then signal the brain which operates the incarnate. Since all exist in the now, when these light waves enter your field, one must collapse the codes. This is where things get tricky. The human incarnate is programmed to see time as linear. Time was created in order to compartmentalize existence. However, when these codes come in it can confuse the mortal mind if one is not aware of how to separate the signals received into a linear fashion.

As an Oracle, information is received via Claircognizant paired with Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is having clear sight. These light codes are dropped into my pillar of light like a roll of 35mm film. I then must unravel the film in a dark room, so the images appear, then I separate the images frame by frame in a linear way. If the frames are not separated and placed in order, then a reader can easily misinterpret the information coming in. Sometimes one receives several rolls of film at once, this mostly is why people interrupt others with no ill intent. It is because their brain just got skyrocketed with information and their body automatically starts to vomit with speech due to these sensations in the nervous system.

Another form is ADHD. When one has their senses receiving information multidimensionally they are unable to center their focus. This is due to the fact their brain is being bombarded with high frequency oscillations and intensifying their brain signals. This can at times overstimulate the pineal gland due to high production of testosterone. This high production of testosterone can also be seen as the source of strong Ego personality traits. Again, it all goes back to properly separating the signals received into a linear fashion and compartmentalizing it.

When one is fully aligned as one with their spiritual essence, light can flow through them as a steady stream. The Christos is designed to flow through all of existence like a giant web. After it circulates through you, it is to drip into the Earthly grid and onto the next spiritual being within the Earthly Kingdoms. Keys and codes are meant to flow through all of us to open doorways for the Christos, which is the river of life that feeds us all. This is what was meant from the original ancient teachings of the Laws of One from the times of Lemuria which later were translated to:

“But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” ~John 4:14 KJV

It is not drinking from a man, it is allowing the river of honey, which is Christos light, to always flow through you. This is when the magic happens, when you allow all your gateways (Chakras) to open and receive your sovereignty. Remember to be psychic is to simply exist because the word psychic is derived from the Latin psȳchē which is from the Greek psȳchḗ, meaning literally "breath". To have breath is to simply exist.

©2022 Zaneta Ra

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