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144,000 Light Warriors

There are many spiritual speculations on what is the meaning behind 144,000. When I was taken by the Seraphim to the Throne of all Thrones this information was disclosed to me. When Source Divine had the thought “Who am I?” it caused 144 sparks to form from this thought. Those 144 sparks are the Seraphim, 72 aspects of shadow and 72 aspects of light. From the Seraphim all other though forms are projected and fractalized down. That is, the thought forms that were wished to be expressed in the very beginning. Since then, there has been more thought forms ejected.

144,000 are the original Light Warriors. They make up 1,000 representatives from each of the 144 rays of Creation. This means we have 72,000 from the shadow and 72,000 from the light spectrums. Ask yourself what truly does the shadow spectrum mean? Why is it labelled and programmed to think it is negative? Why is negative seen as not good? All of Creation houses both shadow and light does it not? Therefore, a true Master of The Light is one who is balanced within all spectrums. The 144,000 are these Master’s sent to assist this Universal Body by bringing balance to the organic timelines.

The Melchizedek Ur Mandate (as detailed in the book Angelic Pearls 144) simply is about bringing the Laws of One into the Earthly worlds. The Light Warriors are sent to incarnate into the Earthly worlds to anchor these Pearl Codes. While those of Earth can see that using this label as a divide, yet it is not. This label was ordained by Divine and the Heavenly Kingdom since the start. It is these warriors that guard the main gateway of all 12 Universal Bodies. It is these warriors who oversee that the organic timelines are in aligned with the Divine Blueprint. These Souls needed an anchor point in the Earthly worlds so that their light can maneuver upon this plane. The Higher Self of these Souls exist in what is known at the God Worlds. It is upon physical ascension will they reunite with their full body of light armor and return to the God Worlds to continue to oversee the Earthly Kingdoms. While their full self/Pearl Self/Oversoul stays in the Heavenly Kingdoms overseeing all Divine Blueprints and protecting the Throne of All Thrones.

There are Natural Laws that must be kept in place, however, upon the Earthly worlds on an individual level you select your destiny. There are many who are here to serve the Chrisos Mission and have brought in with them the codes for hacking the infiltrated Matrix. It is when they start to awaken do these codes ignite. There was a split upon the Earthly worlds which technically occurs in this Now Time, not in the past. What all are witnessing at this now time is this blended reality occurring.

You have the artificial planes running inorganic codes designed to mutate the organic human DNA. On the other hand, you have those who are part of the Christos Mission as well as those who abide by the Natural Laws that are protected from these codes. These codes are designed to slice the Silica Matrix. Those who are pure and worship the Flame of Unity are protected by a Christos shield. There is a war occurring that is not for the mortal mind to comprehend.

You have you the incarnate, however, you also must understand you are part of your own spider web. You exist as a spoke upon a wheel known as your Monad group. You are merely an extension of your Soul group. When one jumps and moves, the others do as well. In the future, when Earthly worlds were infiltrated, it caused a splitting upon the Soul groups. To quote Lisa Renee:

“This generated a massive problem with Monadic and Soul family extension placement throughout multiple timelines, as the incarnational imprint or transduction sequence became infected with base 10 code. Thus, soul extensions were incarnated in the wrong place and wrong time from what had been intended or what appeared to be known from the pre-manifest levels. Essentially, this means soul group formations were incarnating into Artificial Timelines which disrupted the organizational anatomy of the entire soul family, in which Soul extensions were unable to evolve or ascend beyond the position they were being incarnated in. The artificial timelines are Consciousness Traps in which Soul extensions and Monadic families could not connect or communicate with their other aspects, leaving them to be recycled into the same karmic patterns over and over again. To ascend we must integrate our identities throughout timelines, and this process of repeated incarnation into artificial timelines with base 10 architecture, mutated the original base 12 code.

Thus, recent shifts of collapsed base 10 architecture has impacted entire Soul family and Monadic family extensions, that are currently being re-aligned into the correct sequences of organic timelines through the upgrades that are being made to the birth Transduction Sequence record that is a part of physical incarnation. This event has brought millions of souls and monads newly into alignment with the Guardian Host, through re-connection to the organic architecture. The NAA are scrambling to get these souls back to where they were before, as the fragmented and reversed stations of identity in these soul groups were being used as energetic placement to power up virtual realities and false AI timelines. These soul groups did not know the reality they were experiencing was an AI projection used by the NA forces as consciousness trap.”

"The wicked kill the body absent, but the garment present."

~Archangel Gabriel

By you awakening, doing the work to remember who you are and be of service to others, you are helping to heal your family of light. The 144,000 Light Warriors are doing the same. They are here to assist on a higher webbing to help heal the 144 Seraphim Web which is The Mind of Source. There are many illusions happening now as the Astral Plane (mental body of the collective) is collapsing due to the split happening of this blended reality. A death within is happening to you because you are collapsing aspects of yourself that have/are existed upon the inorganic timelines. Also, you have members of your Soul family on all timelines. What they feel you feel. So, as they are experiencing the explosion that occurs in the future in Atlantis, you here are feeling it. You selected to feel it in order to help rescue their fractals. Your incarnate self here holds the most Christos armor, therefore, you have the power to pull them into your light for them to be returned home. Sent home to be healed which in turn beautiful Soul Sparks....heals you. This is the death-resurrection-rebirth you are experiencing.

In honor of this, I have designed alongside Archangel Michael Light Warrior Journals which will be available on Amazon shortly (as of 8/1/22). As you write upon the pages, remember who you are and why you are here.

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