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Pearl Necklace

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Pearl codes are coming now to the teachers. You anchored them during your time in the Mu template (Lemurian consciousness) so you can retrieve them during this time node. You came from the Venus portal per the Melchizedek Ur Mandate directive. These codes are falling into you from the Solar discs that reside in the bio-energy field of Earth. These will ignite like popcorn August 2022.

When you open your 8th chakra it removes the cap from your mortal mind so you can start to stream from your Diamond pillar. This pillar is connected to your Higher self. Your 9th chakra located at the base of your skull (the God portal) will start to activate. You will feel tingles in your throat area. This is because your thymus area is where your pearl is. This pearl is your Christ seed. All the Divine teachers here on behalf of this directive are connected by a diamond light string, heart to heart. You are to open up your pearls so you can stream together as one unity grid.

You will then create the pearl necklace around Earth. From your pearl, as the Shepard, the WAYshower, you feed your sheep the tools. These tools create a golden lattice around the entire planet. This becomes the Golden Fishnet. When directed by Archangel Michael this fishnet will get pulled up into the gateway of our Sun. The fish will be taken through The Pearl Gates of the Sun. This is your directive. This is why you are here. This is why the pearl codes and Divine goddesses are appearing in your visions and in your dreams.

This was given to me directly from Archangel Michael and asked to announce now. for it is time.

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