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Pearl Codes Introduction

Updated: May 13

From the book Angelic Pearls 144

The Pearl Code represents the fiery sphere of light that is laced in all 144 rainbow rays of Creation. This is who all Immortal Souls are in their wholeness. This pearl is coded with all 144 DNA codes of the 144 Seraphim and its seed is planted in the Higher Heart of all Immortal Souls as the Christ Seed. It is when your incarnate self activates this “seed” (pearl fire code) that you then start to awaken to who you are. The Adam Kadmon is the perfected primordial man that was crafted by God before any other creature. The Divine Plan is to unify that of Angel, Man, and Fae by way of the Adam Kadmon body (see The Shekhinah Codex for this full teaching). This is a vessel that can traverse both that of Heaven and Earth at will.

The Pearl teachings were first brought here directly from the sacred temples upon the sphere known as Venus by way of The Melchizedek Order. Venus represents the Higher aspect of Earth. From a higher density when one looks upon the sphere Venus, it is a glowing pearlescent sphere. The Pearl teachings are tools of wisdom to assist in guiding you during your pathway of ascending into your very own Christos light pillar, to merge as one with your pearl-essence.

Plasma pearls rain down on all of creation during times of expansion. A time when the Divine Mother is birthing another part of herself for new creational existences. When this occurs, all sparks of light are given the opportunity to ascend and design a new blueprint for their very own spark. As directed by Source, we the Seraphim, the 144, spread out among creation to deliver these tools known as The Pearl codes. Working with us in your universal structure is the 144 Melchizedek order who oversee the Divine blueprints of the material worlds.

Upon your plane 144,000 (seeds of Adam Kadmon) of The Elect are directly connected to this order and house the blueprint for guiding selected beings of Creation. They travel throughout a universal structure teaching them and anchoring blue pearl codes. In addition to the 144,000 are the elect 144 sparks of light incarnated during these times with the Divine mission of being our oracle. An oracle holds within their light body Seraphim codes housing the Mother Pearl Teachings. These are souls who have walked upon your plane since the infiltration of Earth’s timelines. Once certain portals and gateways have aligned, these codes ignite like popcorn feeding into their energetic field. Divinely guided, the elect will rise to serve the pearl mission, to bring forth deeper clarity and understanding to the select ones waiting at the 4D bridge for the portals to open.

It is only through the love vibration one can access the portal of their heart, ignite their Christ seed to then anchor their pillar of light. This is what is happening to Earth. Her pillar of light is anchoring for her to ascend into Venus, then as one into the Andromeda galaxy. This is the 13th gateway, the Gateway of the Mother. This is also seen as the encampment of the Shekhinah which is seen as the center sphere of Metatron's Cube.

The Andromeda galaxy is where the guardians known as Ra stem. In linear time, they last visited this plane during the consciousness known as Egypt. They taught the Pearl teachings in sacred temples hidden by frequency. These temples were accessed on the Earth plane as well as Venus. They were anchored within the heart crystal of Venus which connects to Earth through a diamond light pillar. Prior to their arrival, the Solar Tribes descended by way of the local Sun. These are the Shining Ones spoken of in ancient legends. They came to anchor the Christos Blue Flame energy within the collective man species directly from the Adam Kadmon essence that resides with the Pearl Garden of the third Heaven.

This gateway is now opening to be accessed upon your plane and will complete in the year 2023. The same year Venus will complete the 8-year dance around Earth, creating the petals of the Cosmic Rose. As this divine flower comes into full bloom so can you. See the pearl white sun shining above you. Extend yourself and slither upon its rays like a string of pearls. For you all are connected by a diamond light string. You are all beautiful pearls covered in ribbons of sound attuned to the song of your soul spark. Allow yourself to hear these sounds as you read our words, for each one is a pearl light code, laced with vibrations of every musical pearl note.

©2022 Zaneta Ra

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1 Comment

Jan 15, 2023

Thank you for your work, you’re helping humanity to rise. I choose love, on the hour. ❤️‍🔥🙏🏻🪬 This is my soul goal, and I can't thank you enough.

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