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Spring 2024 Energy Update

With Spring/Summer approaching, you will notice much rapid growth upon your Spiritual Journey. Some of you will notice big life events occurring such as: relationships ending, losing a job, starting a new job, losing a close one, moving etc. Some will even see people who have been in their lives show a new side of their personality. All of this occurs when Spirit is working to shift you onto the path of your Destiny, or to keep you upon this path.


Sometimes we are not always able to see or hear the signs that Spirit is trying to provide, so, Spirit will make a loud bang. This is what causes these life events to occur. See these moments as new doors and pathways opening to you. See the good of this. For these are the moments that help you expand even more. Take time to self-reflect how these events did make you stronger, make you wiser. Weave this light into you and love all of it.


Keep doing what you are doing for it is always Divine. Be gentle with yourself and do not be afraid to stand as one in your light. So many are fearful these days to be their true essence either in public or around family and friends. Take time to dive deep within and find the core reason for this. Never be ashamed of who you are, for you are a beautiful pearl.


Many of us Lightworkers have people attack us, death threats, and more to keep us quiet. To try to keep us from HOLDING THE LIGHT. But we continue to shine this light because of our deep love for humanity. We keep pushing due to our love for you. I believe in you all. I love you all and so do the Angels. You are all perfect and beautiful! Always know that who you are is exactly what your Spirit and team is helping you to see. Many resists seeing their true self because they feel unworthy. You are all worthy and sovereign.  It does not matter about your past; it only matters who you are today and who you strive to be. Spirit always knows what’s in your heart. This light that you shine is so bright and so beautiful. There is much wisdom within you that you have yet to read. Your internal book is the most beautiful book you can ever read. Get to know yourself, all pages, and chapters, for it truly is a Hero’s Journey.


You can even do a quick meditation where you hold the intention for your Guides to take you down a bright white hallway. At the end appears a white Celestial Door. As you open this door, you see a small dimly lit room with a pedestal in the center. Upon this pedestal is a beautiful glowing gold book. Walk up to this book and open it. See what it shows you. This is your book. This is the Hero’s Journey.


Always remember that fear is an illusion. False Evidence Appearing Real. Remember what Divine Mother said in Angelic Pearls 144:

“Like a child in a mother’s womb you are my dear. Outside you hear the noise, do not fear. For as a child of light you are protected in the womb of the Divine, surrounded by plasma water of holy light…see it shine. Allow this light to feed you, not the noise. Be graceful my gentle lamb, be of poise. “

As the Sun within you rises, the more light you will shine into the “homes “of others. The brighter and higher you get, the more “dust” they will see within themselves that they try to hide. The shadows are unable to see the darkness because they have walked as one with it for so long. It is not until the Light begins to shine do they see both the Light and Dark. You are LIGHT WARRIORS here to





By staying in this light warrior pose you are using your pearl-essence chest plate armor to anchor the light of my sword."

~Archangel Michael from Angelic Pearls 144

You are here as the BEES to be the mirrored reflection and to pollenate THE EARTHLY GARDEN.

We have suggested many of you to read over and over all the teachings in the 144 and The Shekhinah Codex books about the bees/pollen/honey because it is so deeply coded to awaken your memory. The darkness of the bee represents the shadows where the golden part represents the light. Mastery is accomplished when you accept and love both the shadows and the light of your essence (this is what you are here to teach). Remember, it is only when the oyster stops resisting the grit and becomes ONE with it, that it transforms into a pearl. The Holy Pearl that shows THE WAY. The light that guided Noah’s Ark.


You are all THE LIGHT and Earth is the Ark.

© Zaneta Ra 2024

This is a Channeled Message from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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