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The organic Divine Will for mankind is the formation of an altruistic collective consciousness. When this is achieved, it will unite the Upper and Lower Worlds of Creation to bring balance between love and chaos. This is also the Divine Will of your own Spirit. Since the Worlds of the Unseen are anchored in altruism, it is an awakened human that starts to feel this same pulse upon their journey. They start to feel the pull of The Blue Flame. This is the blue flaming sword, the pathway of knowledge that leads you to eternity. The river of light emitted from this flame is by way of the Seraphim, known as the Shekhinah. These blue flames are the sapphire light, which is the pathway to the Tree of Life. Shekhinah means “wisdom”, and this is the intellect. This is the Holy Spirit that is calling out to you to return to The Pearl Garden. The path of the flaming sword is an ancient teaching that goes back to the times of antiquity. The flaming sword is the Blue Flame that emits from under the Mighty Throne of Divine God Source, and this is The Word. The Word is the Divine Will embedded within the Blue Flame. It is from the Blue Flame that heavenly sapphires ablaze are brought forth by the Seraphim, the 144.

It is from these heavenly sapphires that The Christ Seed was planted within the Secret Garden. As this Seed grew it became a mighty tree, filled with Souls divinely designed to carry out this flame within the Worlds of Form. As these Souls splintered, they kept between them an unbreakable connection, the sacred blue thread. It is from this thread they descended into the Underworld to anchor this light. Everywhere they go, blue light crumbs are left behind to show others The Way. The Way home to return to the Secret Garden.

The time has come for the wisdom of these Holy Sapphires to fall into the mouths of humanity. This is The Shekhinah Codex.

The 144 Seraphim bring forth ancient mystical oral Kabbalah teachings such as:

· 144,000 Light Seeds

· 600,000 Light Seeds of Adam and the creation of Adam Kadmon

· Celestial Academies

· Soul Sparks-Soul-Spirit Triad

· The original Sefirot

· The original 72 Keys

· The Four Worlds that lead to Transcendence

· Breath of Life

· The Pearl Garden and the 3 Heavens

· The Guf of Souls and Soul Trees

· Magic of Raziel

· Diamond Ascension Gates

· Tzaddik Ascension

· Sapphire Seed

· God Source breaks down how he made the human body

· Tzimtzum and the shattering of the 4th vessel (Shevirat HaKelim)

· The many layers of Metatron

· What is the 13th Gateway and the encampment of the Shekhinah

· Dragon Initiation

· Decoded transmissions from the Book of Enoch

· Angelic Degrees with an introduction to over 600 Angels and much more

As I ascended into the Celestial Orders by two Seraphim, I was given direct messages from God Source, Archangel Raziel and Metatron that are brought forth in this Sacred Codex. The gates of the Shekhinah last opened over 5700 years ago and that gateway to the FLOOD of sapphire light, is now opening.

Within this sacred codex are the directions to the Secret Garden and within you beholds the key. The door is coded with a labyrinth of ivy, for this symbolizes eternity.

Fun Facts:

It is the year 5784 in the Hebrew Calendar. It is within the 38th Century B.C. timeframe that the 144 Seraphim showed me the last FLOOD of Sapphire Light rained down on the Earth. This was also the time when an Adamic Seed from The Christos Tree in the Pearl Garden sent 144,000 Soul Sparks into the Middle East Gates. (read book for complete teachings)

3800-3700 B.C. dated mass graves have been found in the Middle East. This is not solely due to wars but from those who did not ascend during the last Light Flood. Wars rage due to influx of this light. Some awaken, some wage wars.

In this timeframe there was an abrupt end to many civilizations (due to ascension, this is why evidence has not been found of these people after this timeframe).

It is in this timeframe that over 100 wedge tombs were constructed in Ireland. I was shown this helped to anchor the Light Flood into the Earth's Grid Lines. Keep in mind that the Tribe of Dan went into Ireland (orgianlly named Hiberia **Hebrew Code here**, see book for this teaching) before placing themselves in a hidden realm. It is within this realm that they took with them the Elemental Angels such as the Fae. This was to keep the Sapphire Blood Line pure so the Adam Kadmon Soul Sparks could awaken at this now time.

© Zaneta Ra 2023

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