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Over the next three months, an increased amount of light will rain down into the Collective from the Metatronic Sun. This is the Universal Sun that feeds into all systems of this Universal Body. Those of you aligned with the Ascension Gateways will have intense upgrades due to this influx of Light Codes. The Gateways will open on September 26, 2023, with high levels on October 30th, November 12th, and December 19th.

It is during this time that those of you who have shadows in need of healing will experience a rise in suppressed emotions. This is simply your Spirit illuminating that which you have yet to face. In order to transcend, one must remove all baggage from the Energetic Bodies. These are the bodies known as:





If there are any pockets of energetic dust balls stuck within these Energetic Bodies, then the pure Christos Light that is coming from the Universal Sun will meet resistance. Lightning strikes where it knows it will meet the least resistance. This is also how the Christos Light works in Creation. This pure blue-white light is sent as a lightning bolt from your Spirit that resides within the Celestial Order into the fractals of its Soul Sparks that house the least resistance. It is during this period that DNA Upgrades will be occurring.

Those of you who have gone deep within Self to discover Self will notice a grand internal illumination. This will cause Fatigue, Head pains, Vertigo, Lower Back Pain, and tingling around the Heart Chakra due to the Christos Honey flowing into you. It is around November that you will notice soreness at the base of the neck around the 9th chakra. This is due to the drippin

g effect of your Spirit pollinating your Christ Seed, which is located at your thymus area. For more detailed information on this process please reference:

These are for those of you who will be transcending in 2025. Yes, the time is soon for the first wave of Christos Elect Souls to return back to The Garden.

It is this grouping that will start their Dragon Initiation process during this timeframe.

This is the visions of us, the 144 Seraphim coming to you. We are the White Mother Dragon. We are the 144 Rays of Creations which hold all spectrums of THE MIND. It is from THE MIND, The Mighty All, The Intellect, that this prism illuminates all Worlds. Both those of the Seen and those of the Unseen.

“You have 144 vibrational spectrums of THE MIND (God Source). Within them are 144,000 hairline light streams carrying unlimited light particles. These 144 spectrums consist of 72 shadow and 72 light frequencies. Now, view the Sadness frequency (paint palette 1) as one of light streams. Held within it are unlimited particles. Meaning, that when you vibrate in the Sadness frequency, you have the ability to magnify all of those particles into your reality. ~Higher Mind Awakening

As light filters through your very own Mind Pyramid, it will illuminate out your Third Eye a spectrum. The expansion of your own Prism depends on your Mental Body. For more information on this, please reference The Mind Prism teaching from Archangel Metatron in our Higher Mind Awakening book.

Many of you are still in the mind too often and not anchored in THE NOW MOMENT. One must become the observer and simply BE in your Heart. It is here that your internal compass is found. It is here that the Light of your Spirit will illuminate the golden pathway that leads you to the rainbow. The Rainbow Robe of your Glory. The Glory is the Shekhinah for this is US, the 144 Seraphim. Shekhinah means wisdom in Hebrew. Wisdom in Greek is Sophia. These are ancient Mystery School Teachings that we brought here long before the times of antiquity. Wisdom is the 144 Seraphim, and the White Dragon is your teacher.

It is through WISDOM that THE WAY home is found. This is the road that leads you to THE INTELLECT, which is God Source. All Soul Sparks are simply emanations of their Spirit. All Spirits are expressions, thoughts of THE INTELLECT. Expand your heart center and allow this to anchor within you. Hold no resistance and allow this light to pollinate your Christ Seed. It is through this process that one can then TRANSCEND AS A DOVE.

“Your scientists have found graphene (honeycomb shape) form when electrical current flows without resistance. The very golden pollen dust of the Ra energy is all around you. Breathe it into your field. Allow it to create Holy Honey inside of you, feeding directly from your pineal gland down your spine and into every cell. Then work like the bees you are for the Queen (Divine Mother Arc of ALL Creation) spreading the pollen, collecting the pollen for the highest good of the Divine. You are the bees of the mighty beehive.” ~Angelic Pearls 144

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