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The Ascension Symptoms Manual

Our Solar System has entered the Photon Belt and with that comes an increase of Plasma Light. This is white light which holds plasma photons designed and coded to upgrade/activate the Human DNA. This light filters into the Earth’s Magnetosphere (space field around Earth housing charged particles) to then make its way into the lower atmosphere. Those with clairvoyance see this as diamond light raining down. This light is designed to pass through all existence of the Earthly Kingdoms.

As the light travels through the human body, it causes certain Ascension Symptoms. After the light filters through the human Template, it travels from the South Pole of the human toroidal field and into the grid of Earth. All living beings here are deeply connected to earth more than they can comprehend. She is shifting and so are you.

A shift is occurring within and without you that makes you yearn for clarity and understanding. New sensations are occurring that make you feel disconnected from everyone around you. As the Stage I activation began in 2020 more are now becoming aware of this shift and yearn for understanding. So many talks about Ascension Symptoms yet never fully explained the why and how behind them. As part of the Pearl Code teachings, we have put those missing pieces together for you. The missing pieces that will help you gain understanding of the importance of Mind-Body-Spirit unification. Not only is this helpful for those of the Stage I activation but those of Stage II. These are those who have been through Ascension Symptoms since 2012 and some since 2015.

New symptoms are arising as of Fall 2022 and The 144 Seraphim help you to prepare with The Ascension Symptoms Manual. Whether you are new to understanding Spiritual Awakening or have been consciously aware for decades, this book is your guide.

The Ascension Symptoms Manual breaks down:

· Physical Symptoms

· Emotional Symptoms

· Mental Symptoms

· Psyche Symptoms

· Light Code Symptoms

· Psychic Abilities

· Plasma Diamond Light Body

Symptoms related to the Vagus Nerve, Hormones, Fatigue, Itchy Skin, Insomnia, Thyroid, Emotions, and many more are broken down with detailed explanations. The Sun is now white, and it is this white light that is heating up your Chrysalis to assist with your spiritual metamorphosis. Welcome to Spiritual Puberty.

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