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Ascension Symptoms: Energy Update

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The energies of the upcoming summer season will be that of intense heat. This heat is from the Light Codes that will enter your physical field. From January to April, those codes anchored from your Higher Pearl-essence unto your Light Body. Those who felt vertigo and extreme fatigue during that time is due to this anchoring. These codes will be felt most intensely in the Crown, 9th, and Solar Plexus Energy Centers (Chakras).

This integration will be occurring until the end of August. The first stage will be in the Crown. This is causing many of you to have an overactive mind due to the Ego death stage occurring. You will find moments where the mind feels like it is about to explode from overloads. In those moments take time for stillness and inwardness. Take walks in nature, swim, be active, and creative. This will help these energies to flow into you in a smoother nature.

Symptoms of the Crown Chakra Integration:

· Intense Migraines

· Overactive Mind

· Obsession with Spiritual Ascension Topic (mainly on shadow ones)

· Crown tingles

· Broken Record replay of past traumatic events (they are trying to collapse)

· Third Eye throbs (due to 5D activations)

· Ear and Nose sensitivity (mostly the left ear)

· Some may have a change in taste/food cravings (especially potatoes and fruit)

· Extreme thirst

· Insomnia/new sleep patterns

· Several Déjà vu moments (timeline jumping)

The key to helping this flow is to not try to dissect the energy but to allow it to flow. Remember, all of existence is energy and meant to simply FLOW through you. Light a candle and look at it for 33 minutes to help quiet the mind chatter. See yourself in that light, allow it to reflect your own light.

The next stage is the 9th, Chakra. As more are becoming plugged into their Higher Pearl-essence they will feel this tingling of energy at the base of their skull. This is because light coming directly from your wholeness/OverSoul/Monad/Pearl-essence is dripping into your spine. It allows those higher vibrational multi-dimensional DNA codes to anchor into your vertebrae. They will then move to grow at your thymus and disperse into your bloodstream-organs etc.

Symptoms of the 9th Chakra/God Portal Integration:

· New wisdom emerging in your field

· New higher timeline memories

· Desire for alone time

· Increase desire for meditation

· Spine tingles

· Extreme temperatures in the spine such as coolness/hotness

· Desire to dance like a serpent (helps to move the energy for better anchoring)

· Orgasmic feelings within

· Sore neck and shoulder pain

· Cracking in the 9th Chakra area when moving the neck

· Some will have soreness between shoulder blades (due to DNA expanding in the Heart Crystal area)

The next stage will be in the Solar Plexus area. As taught in the Pearl Code books; there is a diamond light cord located at the belly button that plugs into the Divine Cosmic Ocean. This is where the lifeforce energy is fed to all of creation. All the core wounds (especially in women) are held in this area. Most Empaths and Psychic Mediums carry more body fat around the stomach as an unconscious protection of their lifeforce energy. Some hold body fat here due to suppressed childhood emotions.

As your Energic Bodies (including the physical body) are shifting from being anchored in the 3rd Density Realities to the 5th Density realities, you are collapsing those lower 3 Chakras. This is happening with the Stage II Lightworkers mostly (See The Ascension Symptoms Manual book to learn more). What is occurring is all of the energy that no longer serves you is being pulled to this Energy Center. It is ready to be released through the diamond light cord at your belly button.

Symptoms of the Solar Plexus Integration:

· Unable to push the breath past the stomach

· Leg tingles

· Leg electric shocks at night

· Tingles in the soles of your feet at night

· Hip pain

· Sciatica pain

· Diarrhea

· Frequent upset stomach

· Sensitive stomach

· Desire to fast some days or to only juice (this is because soon you will need to eat as much food and instead live off light mana)

· Desire for more breath work and body movement (especially in the legs)

· Heart palpitations (especially at night or when the body first wakes up)

Most of these you will notice happen at night when the physical body is more at rest. You will also notice more electric shocks happening at night. To gain a better understanding of the physical transformation your body is going through please read The Ascension Symptoms Manual. We created that manual for you all to have better clarity.

We ask that you all take it easy on your body and your mind. Flow as ONE with the river of existence. The energy river of your wholeness that flows through you. Know that you are not alone in this, you are never alone and we, the Angels walk beside you every step of THE WAY.

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