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Ascension Symptoms: Energy Update

Ascension Symptoms related to the Emotional Body are going to hit a new level with the Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022(gateway has already opened so some already feel the energy). Following this is the Blood Moon on November 8, 2022. During this Celestial Alignment an influx of Plasma light will ignite the Emotional Body of Earth and thus for all her Kingdoms. As light filters into the human vessel it expands and merges as one with the Emotional Body. As this occurs, all suppressed emotions held within the Emotional Body are going to over pour out to be acknowledged.

Those who have overfilled their Emotional Body with unhealed trauma and emotions have caused that energy to filter into the Physical Body. This influx of stagnant energy is what heightens Ascension Symptoms. As light enters through the Crown and 9th Chakras it needs to flow like a river. If it meets dust balls of energy in the body, it will surround them like a search party in the night to shine all the flashlights.

As the light from your Higher Self shines these lights onto the dust balls of energy, it is up to the incarnate whether they wish to face them and heal or to resist and lose all control of themselves. One must also keep in mind that it is only you who can fully heal you, not anyone nor anything outside of self. The collective has become too impatient and seek for quick fixes. This is how Souls have taken on lifetimes of trauma, by not doing the work to heal the Spirit.

Emotions are simply energy programmed with labels by the collective consciousness. They are paired as masculine and feminine rays of light (see The ASM book for more) that dance together to enhance their qualities. The more intense an emotion is, the more out of balance its paired frequency ray is. What this means is the opposite energy frequency is out of balanced and requires attunement. The biggest example of this is how people forget to have fun on their journey because they are focused more on what they are trying to accomplish. When it comes to allowing things to flow, focus on what you love. By focusing on what you love it allows creation to flow. The completion and perfection one seeks is not found outside of them because it is for them to create themselves.

The foundation laid for your house starts with your Emotional Body. The strength of the studs in your house are determined by your Mental Body. If your Emotional and Mental Bodies are not laid out properly then your house will not survive all the storms of life. With that said, it is your duty to repair the damages of your house after each storm. It is also your responsibility to maintain routine maintenance on your home. This maintenance is what we call Spiritual Housekeeping.

If your home is causing you anxiety because of the condition it is in, is it not up to you to clean it up? If you continuously pour grease down your drain, will it not clog? Your home is your body, and this is your sacred Temple. The grease represents the food you place into your Temple meaning your diet is the other key player in heighten Ascension Symptoms. The drain is seen here as your nervous system.

As light enters your body it travels along the pathways of your nervous systems first. It is important to understand what neurotoxins do to the body. These are directly correlated to the balance of your Emotional and Mental Bodies because if your nerves are damaged then light is unable to flow properly. This imbalance is what causes people to have key symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue

  • Nervousness/Anxiety

  • Feeling lackadaisical

  • Body aches

  • Sensitivity to temperatures

  • Dizziness

  • Sudden vertigo

  • Sore shoulders

  • Sore throat

  • Nerve pain

  • Insomnia

  • Diarrhea accompanied with a migraine (typically lasting only 24 hours)

  • Shortness of breath and many more which are listed in The Ascension Symptoms Manual

Along with these symptoms you have the many Emotional and Mental symptoms which are also detailed in The Ascension Symptoms Manual.

For those truly committed on gaining full Enlightenment you must do the work yourself. Always remember that in order to heal you must feel.

Feel into your breath.

Feel into your essence.

Feel your way back into unification with who you were Divinely Designed to be.

© 2022 Zaneta Ra

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