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Plasma Diamond Lightbody

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The following channeled message is from The Ascension Symptoms Manual Book ©2022 Zaneta Ra. Please respect all Divine channelers by not altering their work to pass off as your own for a monetary or personal gain. Service to other Lightworkers sacrifice their light and sometimes physical health in order to assist for the greater good of All of Creation. Always remember that the energy you disperse always attracts that of a like vibration.

"The physical body is made up of atoms and ions. Therefore, it is capable of a biological ionization process to generate plasma. This plasma is needed in order for the physical body to transform from dense flesh into plasma light. In order for higher consciousness to be orchestrated through the body there needs to be an increase amount of plasma light. This requires an abundance of energy and to receive this, one must be very devoted to protecting their personal energy as well as being consciously aware of how it is spent.

To advance in this way, it requires a conservation of energy from the material plane and re-directing it towards your consciousness. When the focus is on your consciousness it helps you to stop wasting energy. This will help strengthen the connection to your direct Soul Spark.

The physical body is a resonator designed to respond to the oscillations of energy from its surrounding environment. When this connection is off-balance, it causes a disconnect in your energy field. When it is not disrupted, one has an abundant supply to the life force energy. (Gains ability to heal themselves)

Within this universal structure is an abundance of plasma and this is what your higher form is abundant in as well. It is from the center Sun that arms of plasma light Sparks are spiraling and feeding all life forms in this universe. When it enters this Solar System, it is in the form of Solar Flares. Every particle of this plasma light is the gold dust that houses the purest form of god consciousness. So too does your own Center Sun which simply is the Pearl heart of your Monad. The closer you get to your wholeness, the more abundant you become in the sparks of light. Your very own solar flares are felt in the body in the form of electric shakes. This typically happens at night, when the form is most still. They feel like you have just had a surge of electricity enter your body, this is plasma light.

As more and more of these sparks feed into you via your pillar of light, it transforms your very cells. This transformation can be fully achieved by self-discipline. By being consciously aware of your spiritual devotion and connecting consciously every day to your pillar of light. Those who call themselves Light Workers, those who claim to be dedicated to their physical ascension path, heed this declaration. For thee was not sent here to ride the emotional rollercoaster of the material theme park. One was sent to be the light anchor from the future so that the disruptive energy here can have a chance of being redirected closer to the god consciousness sparks. So that the many Souls fractalized in the future planetary wars, which caused mass destructions, can be healed, saved, and brought back to unification with god consciousness.

The physical body is designed and houses several energy Antanas that allow you to always charge your energy field. When your energy field is fully supplied, that is when you are able to have a two-way transmission of the CHRISTOS light. Meaning, one can always be connected to the Divine Mind and the Divine Heart. It is when you do not have this power supply or you choose to waste it in the material plane that you become unbalanced physically, emotionally, and mentally. Causing you to be unable to receive any transmissions from all the other golden dust, sparks of light. It is very easy to know when this is the state you are in because you will feel depressed, your mind will be constantly in motion and searching outside of itself in ways of distraction from the emptiness and sadness that you feel, which itself is an illusion.

Choosing to do the work, clearing the mind daily and being consciously aware of the movements of the mind and the disbursement of your energy is key. Many of you cry and call out for help when it is this simple and it is you who needs to do the work. Each of you have the capability to harness energy because it is part of your sovereignty. In each breath you take, Divine Energy is gifted to you from the Divine Creator. It is you who has to be mindful how you spend it. If you choose to waste it, you cannot ask for more because you have the responsibility of managing it. Every life force is gifted the same amount, why should you be given more when there are many others who do the work.

To ascend out of the flesh, one must strengthen the plasma supply of their Lightbody. Your Lightbody is fully influenced by your own personal choices, your lifestyle, and your environment. Remember that included in this are your thoughts, actions, non-actions, words, the food you eat, as well as all other energies you infuse into the vessel. Many are deeply feeling this shift occurring inside of them, they are feeling their higher essence call to them. But instead of retracting to go within, listen and do the work, they resist it. They are choosing to instead reach outside of themselves for others to do the work for them. No one will ever reach a higher octave by this method. Ultimately, it is you who must abide by the Natural Laws of existence in order to fully physically ascend.

We end this with the grand saying of “in order to heal you must feel”. (They are referring to feeling of your own inner light, which emits from your heart. No one outside of you can emit this. You have to feel it from within)

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