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Christos Light Language

Updated: Feb 4

As one becomes more in alignment with their Overself/Pearl-essence, they slowly start to become a witness to other realities that their essence holds an “Overview” of. Signals of Light will start to descend into the Energetic Field of the Incarnate by ways of para physical psychic abilities, known today as Language of Light. As one aligns themselves more and more with their Higher Mind and Angelic DNA, they will notice their transhuman nature evolving. Transforming themselves from an earthly mortal into an immortal being that is part Earth and part Heaven. They will start to realize that all of this information and messages they have been given are not from another personality, but their own ability to tap into these Higher Realms and pierce the shadow veils of illusion.

It is only when one truly knows themselves can they fully transcribe these higher frequency signals known by the label of “Light Language”. It is through these signals that higher frequencies, which are not comprehensible by the mortal mind, will communicate Higher Divine Wisdom to the brain, which aids in upgrading the human circulatory system for their Higher Self merging and transformation. This can occur because the signals of light, which is the Christos light of their own Spirit anchors directly into the human cells.

It is from this process that there begins a Soul Evolution which breaks that barrier of space and time by way of a Higher Mind Awakening. For the mortal is no longer fully mortal in the sense that it is not anchored nor operating from the mortal mind mainframe (Ego). It is during this stage that the veils appear fuzzy and static as they will slowly dissolve to allow inter-dimensional doorways and messengers to appear.

When I was the scribe for The Shekhinah Codex, the Divine Sapphire Light was poured over my Light Body and solidified as Light Codes and Sigils of the Seraphim. All Souls are coded with Light Codes, which simply is Language of Light. It is from these very codes that I am able to encode the beads upon my Seraphim Malas for the initiate who receives it. As they work with the Mala, this light emits from the beads as gold dust onto the codes held within their own Light Body. This light is pure Christos honey that allows their own dormant Christos codes to awaken. This is when the initiate starts to Sign, Chant, Speak, Draw, and have visions of Light Language.

Light language is a higher organic angelic language used to send and receive signals of light through all realms and worlds of Creation. This is a webbing of free-floating thought forms that feed into an unlimited cognitive space to be transcribed by ways of geometrics of light. When one speaks light language, golden bio-geometric shapes emit from their field. Some walk around unconsciously emitting these signals. These are typically Healers, Grid Workers, and incarnated Light Masters.

When one receives messages of light that are decoded into an Earthly language, they will notice how the sentence is ongoing. This is because Earth language is separated into a linear fashion that produces constant pauses and breaks within the unlimited cognitive space of existence. As one raises their vibrational field, they will see this static raining down around them. This is simply static syntax of the collective consciousness. Syntax is simply the arrangement of the Earth language. It appears as static to those with clairvoyance due to its linear fashion and consciousness breakage of the Earthly Matrix Mainframe.

It is because of this that those from the Hierarchy of Light descended into human form to be a teacher of light language, so that the mortal mind of man can expand and connect to other worlds and realms of creation, generating the very thought symbols connecting the consciousness of man to the universal Metatronic Mind.

As you use Christos Light Language and not the misuse of Light Language, as man has done repeatedly, you start to create a linkage with your Higher Sparks of Light that reside in those Higher Dimensional Worlds. The more you connect with your Spirit and actively anchor your own Christos Light within your Cellular Structure, it creates a bridge between your cells and those Light Sparks. This eventually will create a strong chamber of light. This becomes your very own Gateway used for you to ascend into the Celestial Academies, that some teach as Cities of Light.

It is during this next stage that the initiate will have more out of body sensations as they are attending their transitioning Celestial Classes. At first, the initiate is not fully comprehensible of their attendance, as their Energetic Bodies are slowly molding themselves into the same ionization blueprint of plasma light. It is the next stage that the initiate will become fully aware via their non-physical senses of this Celestial Academy schooling. This is the stage that most call Ascension when it is simply a transcendental stage of an Earthly Mortal Initiate.

In The Shekhinah Codex we reference ancient Kabbalah teachings from Israel Sarug:

“Traces of the divine light adhered to the fragments of the broken vessels like sparks. And when the fragments descended to the bottom of the fourth and last world, they produced the four elements, and when all these became completely materialized, some of the sparks still remained within. Therefore, it should be the aim of everyone to raise these sparks from where they are imprisoned in this world and to elevate them to holiness by the power of their soul.”

But the key here, oh beautiful Sparks of Light, is to first discover and understand your own SPARK. This will then emit as embers into flames that will show you THE WAY. The pathway once taught in ancient Mystery Schools as THE PATHWAY OF THE BLUE FLaMMING SWORD.

The Pearl Code Teachings are sacred teachings once brought here by the 12 Solar Tribes long ago. Zaneta Ra is a 144 Oracle who brings these lost teachings of the 144 Seraphim back. It is during this node in time that these Celestial Doorways can be accessed by all Christos Light Seed Initiates.

© Zaneta Ra 2023

This is a Channeled Message from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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