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The Pearl Code Teachings are advance teachings for the Elect Souls to help awaken their Pearl Code in preparation for a true physical ascension of Earth. These are sacred and ancient Kabballah teachings brought here originally via The Melchizedek Order from the Higher Planes of existence to help anchor these Pearl Codes into the Grids of Earth to align her back onto the organic blueprint, taught over the last few millenniums as the return of the Shekhinah (the intellect of God). These are channeled teachings from the 144 Seraphim as well as sacred Kabballah teachings guarded by The Melchizedek Order of the Inner Planes.

Silk is made when silkworms spin their cocoon fibers together in the wild. They then use this cocoon for their transformation into a moth. Silk is sacred because it is created after a moth has completed its transformation and ascended from their cocoon. This relates to how the human body cocoons itself within its Aura during Light Body activations, which is simply preparing the body for its own crystalline transformation. The Aura, also known as Energetic Bodies, consist of the:

·       Physical Body

·       Emotional Body

·       Mental Body

·       Etheric Body

·       Light Body

For our complete teachings on the Energy Bodies please reference the Cracking the Chrysalis book and for detailed information on their activations please reference:

It is during the cocoon stage of Ascension that you will notice yourself becoming more sensitive. What I mean here is that you start to FEEL things more deeply energetically. When this activation occurs, it will start with ELECTRIC TINGLES. This is explained under the Physical Symptoms: Entire Body section of The Ascension Symptoms Manual.

Your Aura is to transform into a clear crystalline body which houses billions of prism crystals. In order for light to emit all 144 Rainbow Rays of your Angelic essence, these prisms must be clear of static energy. This static energy as taught in the Pearl Code Books is due to suppressed emotions. When the prism crystals are clear, it allows the light of your Spirit to channel through your Aura without meeting resistance. The clearing of this static within can only be transmuted through inner work of self. To Quote our teaching from The Shekhinah Codex:

The very makeup of your entire Aura is crafted from the compositions of your Spirit. The Aura is encased within a honeycomb lattice egg known as the Light Body. When your Aura and all the energy bodies held within it are balanced, it then ignites your 8th chakra (located above the head). This is taught in the Mystery Schools as the White Rose Initiation. To learn about this Initiation and the two prior to this stage, please see our teachings taught in our latest codex :

It is at this stage that a cup is formed to become filled with Light Codes. Before I discuss Light Codes, I want to reference what God says in The Shekhinah Codex under The Human Body Chapter:

What he means by “weaved your covering in snow” is that your very skin cells were crafted from the sparks from under The Mighty Throne. The sparks of light are the prisms that appear as sparkling snow. Your physical body is densified snow from under The Throne which simply is PLASMA PRISM PEARLESCENT LIGHT. It is because of this that when your cells start to crystalline, one will see tiny diamond sparkles upon their skin when in direct Sunlight. When I was taken to the Heavens, the Light Bodies of the Council of Light who oversee the Metatronic Worlds, shimmered just like Sun caressing a snow-covered field upon sunrise. This is how my skin appeared when the Seraphim took me. The light that emitted from them caused an instant crystallization to happen to me, so I was able to physically and consciously be taken to these Higher Worlds to retrieve the Pearl Code Teachings just as Enoch did. This is the blessing that all within this Universal Structure are given the opportunity to achieve at this time. Now, let us continue with this teaching from The Shekhinah Codex:

When a reprogramming of a pictograph (material form) of God’s expression is set into motion, the Council of Illuminated Ones will send out a Vanguard of Angelic Souls who work along the Christos Ray of Light. When they incarnate in the womb of a women, plasma snow from their Angelic expression sends impressions to surround the embryo. When the baby is born these impressions create a Christos sheath around the physical vessel. This sheath surrounds the energy bodies and holds codes of light that receive communication directly from God. This stream of communication can only occur along the Christos Ray. The sheath of the energy bodies holds a programming that molds the human expression for an external stimulus.


The way you receive these communications are taught today as Light Codes. When one holds a vibration match to these codes, you will be able to see them as orbs of pearlescent light. One can even capture them on film due to their vibration. These orbs hold information from your Angelic expression. It is because of this that many confuse these orbs with Angels themselves. When I record myself in prayer, I always capture tons of orbs raining down like manna(mana) from heaven, because this is what manna is. Manna is wisdom which is the FOOD FOR SPIRIT.

DNA has the capability to hold 1 billion terabytes of data. There are over 3 billion base pairs in human DNA set of chromosomes, which gives you 12 billion codes if you multiply these sets by the 4 nucleobases. Some of these coding was taught in ancient Kaballistic code teachings in relation to the numeric coding of The Star of David. The Star of David is connected to the very prisms that are encoded in your blood. When your blood becomes crystalline it can be seen as a spinning Merkaba, allowing light rays to emit from all angles of light.

This can also be seen in the very fibres of silk. Silk reflects a shimmering optical effect due to the prisms of light held within it. As this light emits from silk it is able to merge these angles of light within your Aura to help amplify your Light Body. This is why Priestesses, Priests, and Oracles wore silk during the times of Antiquity. This is why the Angels asked me to create these Light Body activating Silk Angel Wing Kimonos.

We use natural, handmade silk in our Kimonos because it helps to deflect negative energy that is either trying to enter your field or is already in it. It is because of this power that it helps replenish positively charged photons within your Aura. Silk does this by preserving your natural Biofield which keeps your Vibrations High. Silk has been revered by Royalty and Priestesses for over 5,000 years because of this. Silk Fibre interacts with your energy field to create a magical musical note to benefit your Aura. It holds this Silky Shield of Luminous Light to protect you from negative energies. It is even 3 times stronger than Kevlar (bulletproof vests). Silk itself holds 97% of luminous proteins that is beneficial for your Skin. It has many natural benefits and unlike other fabrics, Silk does not pull moisture from the skin.


One of the main proteins within silk is Glycine. Glycine holds tons of benefits for your body such as:


·       Helps to repair Collagen in the skin

·       It is an Anti-inflammatory

·       Antioxidative (prevents cell-damage)

·       Boosts Cognition

·       Improves Sleep

·       Assists detoxification of the liver

·       Calming

·       Aids in muscle growth and much more


The main reason wearing Silk aids in your Light Body activations is because it is a key amino acid for your neurotransmitters. These are chemical messengers of the body which transfer messages between neurons via the nervous system. Glycine helps regulate nerve signals in your Central Nervous System. Your nervous system is the highway of light your Spirit uses to activate/upgrade your DNA. Glycine also helps enhance your Claircognizance which is Clear Knowing. This occurs due to light being able to enter your channel (pillar of light) via your Crown Chakra and spark your neurotransmitters.

Spirit is helping to weave the threads of your Etheric DNA held within your Light Body to your physical DNA. From The Pearl Rose Mystica we teach that:

*Please view the video located at the bottom to learn about the Seed Crystals of the elect 144,000 and the connection to Pearl Code 64*

Physical tools such as crystals and silk help to ignite these very codes held within you. Silk is the best material for Creativity, Meditation, and is the Emblem of Transformation. Just like the Butterfly. Allow this garment to protect you like the butterfly in the cocoon so you can expand your wings and fly high. Please see the link below to view our handmade Angel Wing Silk Kimonos and feel the wings of your Angelic essence hold you as you wear it.

© Zaneta Ra 2024

This is part of channeled teachings from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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