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Higher Mind Awakening

From our New Release:

"As of June 2023, Higher Mind Anchoring activations started for Phase II and III Lightworkers. This stage starts the Higher Mind Awakening. A stage of the Ascension journey of those who have mastered the knowingness of the Ego Mind. Some have already conquered it, while some are in the beginning stages.

The mind is a tool designed to be used for navigation in the dense materialized planes of existence. Just like any tool, if used too often then one will become dependent on that tool. When a child comes into this world, they mostly play because they are not leaning on that mental tool. Instead, they are allowing their heartbeat to shift and sway them. This is why you can feel such pure vibrations emitted from their energy fields.

The mind is a scepter; this is a tool, a device. It is a physical construction, an addition to the physical body. Just like any tool in your possession, you hold control. Where you weld it is where force will follow. The force is the energy that emits from your mind. You have the option to weld it with negative spectrum vibrations or positive spectrum vibrations. No one and nothing outside of you truly controls this. That is merely an illusion.

An illusion to make you feel inferior when the truth is, you are the hero. This life is your story to create, your own journey. Each step you make creates a new footprint in the sand of time. A footprint that no other can make but you. Sometimes those footprints vibrate out to touch others. Sometimes they form a solo path. However, that path is always your own.

Higher Mind Awakening helps you gain better clarity on what the Lower Mind is, its key in Ascension and anchoring the Higher Mind. We break down the sacred coded teachings of becoming the hero through the 12 Labours of Hercules. Hercules is not just one essence; he merely represents the hero expression that is found within you all.

All around you are energetic waves. These waves carry patterns, blueprints that determine a mindset. A mindset that you have the power to choose from. The surfer chooses the wave, the wave does not choose the surfer. It is the surfer who determines if he wants to become one with that wave or allow it to pass him by. To ride the wave, he needs his board. This board is your Higher Mind, and its stability determines your ride.

Who you are in your pureness is not physical at all. You are pure magic that emits from the Mighty Void of No-Thing. You are the golden honey created within the Mighty Beehive of Creation. That very beehive that was born from THE VOID. It is in the darkness that stories are written. Take control of your mind scepter and weave the story you want to be told."

© 2023 Zaneta Ra

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