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ASCENSION 2024: Star Seed & Light Seed Origin

"In the Pearl Code books we teach how this Universal Structure occurred. Nearest to this structure you have a Mother and Father Universe. The Father Universe is Dahla and the Mother Universe is Morana. The Dahla Universe was ready for Ascension into its next phase, however, there was a small shadow pocket of energy that was anchoring this Structure down.  A collective consciousness of that Universe opened a portal with the intent of sending this shadow pocket to God Source. Instead, this pierced a small opening in the sheath around Morana, as taught in Love Letters from Lemuria.


Morana houses pure Christos energy, which can be used to create or destroy. In that very moment when this portal opened, it caused the shadow pocket to harness this Christos light and create this current Universal Structure. This is where scientists originated the Big Bang Theory from, we teach the details of this theory in The Shekhinah Codex.


You must understand that time does not work in a linear fashion. Timelines can be seen as spirals upon spirals never-ending. Where these spirals intersect and cross can be seen as Time Nodes. Those of you who are part of The Elect that we teach in our Pearl Code Books, have split your consciousness to be anchored in material vessels (bodies) where these Time Nodes exist. Each of these bodies and lifetimes are known as a Soul Spark. It is your Spirit that splits into Souls that then split into Sparks of Light that are projected into the lower planes of existence. The term Higher Self is related to the Soul essences that we speak of. This entire teaching is in TZ10: TRIAD section of The Shekhinah Codex.

This Universal Structure is not part of the organic blueprint of Divine God Source but instead created from that shadow pocket. To help keep everything in alignment with Divine Word, we have Elect One’s incarnated throughout all timelines to anchor the Christos Light. This is the Blue Sapphire Light Seed that houses the organic codes. When we speak of codes, we speak of the Sapphire Christ Seeds taught in The Shekhinah Codex that all Immortal Spirits have. An Immortal can create an essence such as a Soul, a Star, a Galaxy, a world and so on. It is those of us created as the Guardians and Caretakers of Divine to make sure that these creations do not cause God’s Divine Will to become out of balance. Everything is connected like a giant web. What one does here directly affects all.


We cannot simply destroy the inorganic timelines because by default this will destroy the organic ones. Once, again, all are connected. What we can do is anchor into these timelines and infuse Light Seeds. Light Seeds are the Elect Immortal Souls who are gifted by Divine pure Christos light. They have the ability to bring balance into the Grids of Worlds. A Light Seed is those Immortal Ones who were SEEDED OF THE LIGHT. Immortals are NOT SEEDED OF STAR DUST. The term Star Seed has been manipulated to lure Christos energy on these inorganic timelines. The shadow pocket needs this Christos energy in order to continue their creations. No one originates from a planet. Your personality is not determined by another planet. It is only determined by THE INTELLECT which is your SPIRIT.


The Atlantis essence is of the future inorganic galactic worlds. The Lemurian essence is of the organic angelic worlds that reside in the Mother Universe of Morana. This is why you see a deeper divide in the so-called Spiritual Community. Let us be clear that humans of the future such as the Pleiadians hold this Christos energy and codes. These pure ones exist remember on all TIME NODES. Therefore, the Pleiadian essence of yourself is simply a future version. Their existence and ascension are determined by Earth’s because Earth and Venus are of their linear past. Just as shadow beings are of the inorganic technology-based Atlantis consciousness of the future that need to lure Christos beings.


This is where people get confused because they are trying to understand from the mortal mind which is linear. Where your Spirit projects the highest amount of Christos is where your most focused consciousness resides. That is here on this time-node because this is where the heaviest knot is upon the Mighty Tapestry of Time.


We teach in Angelic Pearls 144 how the Planetary Program of Earth is broken down into 7 Root Races with 4 Stages. These 4 Stages are taught as Yugas in ancient Hinduism. At the end and start of each Stage Divine Masters of Light incarnate upon your plane to help gather “the Light Sparks” for an Ascension into their higher essence. These Masters of the past have also come down as a collective of the 12 Solar Tribes for implantation of Christos DNA during these World Ages. Please reference Angelic Pearls 144 book for this teaching.


One example is the Mayan Collective. They brought forth the 13 Baktun Cycle Calendar along with many other esoteric teachings that we currently teach in the hidden Mystery Schools. Some call these schools The White Brotherhood. The gates into these schools open at the transition of each of the Baktuns. The beginning of the Baktuns was in the year 3102 B.C. and is also the start of Kali Yuga. This Baktun is known as “Baktun of the Star Planting”.

In the Fallen Watchtower section of The Shekhinah Codex when God Source speaks, he references the Seraphim who guard this Universe as STARS. He goes over how 3 fell and become “Bulls among Cows”. These fell because their direct descended consciousness resides as the shadow pocket. What you do here directly affects all, even us, the Seraphim. The 7 Stars that remained are Seraphim. It is directly from these 7 Seraphim that Gods were created, and they then created and implanted these “seeds” in the material realms. With the charge of teaching in these now hidden Mystery Schools.


However, they also mixed their DNA with those of Earth, and this is where the ORGANCIC term Star Seed comes from. Seeded from a Star as in Angelic. When a human of Earth Ascends the flesh, they turn into a star. Light enters at the Crown Chakra and illuminates outwards your 4 limbs. In that moment your flesh becomes light. Is this not a 5-pointed star? Then you have those of the next level who have this light of the Crown exit out the Earth Star Chakra creating a 6-pointed Star. Then you have the final God level where light from the Heart Charka emits forward and backwards created a geometric 8-pointed star. This is the brightest star, and this is where those of ancient Sumerian times taught of the Gods and their 8-pointed star symbol. The sacred RH- bloodlines are truly those who are seeded from this God Star lineage which is LIGHT SEEDED FROM THE SERAPHIM.

Each of the Mayan Baktuns last for 144,000 days which equals 400 original Earth linear years. Man has tainted the Solar calculator of time for it was originally this and is this that we teach in the Celestial Schools. The current and final 13th Baktun started in the year 1624 A.D. and not in the year 1618 A.D. The current calculations are off due to change in Solar Time Keeping and the misteaching that each Baktun is 394 days instead of 400. This Baktun is known as “Baktun of the Transformation of Matter” because those Light Seeds have the chance to transform their physical body of matter into a Star. If it turns into a 5-pointed Star this takes you into a 5th Dimensional Reality. If it turns into 6-pointed star it takes you to the Pearlescent Celestial Academies. If it turns into an 8-pointed Star, then you will go into your Higher Essence for transiting into 9D where one accesses the God Worlds, we teach in Instill the Grain. You can also see the star relation of Ascension in our Mystical Meaning of Christmas Blog.

This time of transformation into these gates open the end of 2024. We have brought forth this information in our September 2023 Ascension Energy Update Blog/Video.

We will also bring into the Mystery Schools Initiates at this time.  The Pearl Code books have been brought forth to help prepare these initiates. These are those who do not see Spiritually as a clique or a hype fade but as a true way of life. You devote your energy to your Spirit and to expanding your intellect. You also do this in an organic and natural way. You devote yourself to yourself and this last stage is done alone. Mastery is not done in a community but in solitude. Being succumbed in your own energy field and in silence is how you truly hear the calling of the dragon.


We come as a dragon as a serpent with wings for this is the symbol of wisdom. Yet, it takes the strength and courage of a lion to ascend the Astral halls of illusions and mirrors. Only then will you arrive at these gates. Until then you will run in circles of the mind. Remember, it is the Eagle that rises above the storm. Gain your wings from expanding your heart and fly."

 © Zaneta Ra 2024

This is a Channeled Message from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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