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Mystical Christmas Ascension Teachings

Updated: Feb 4

In Christian tradition it is taught how the Christ was born on December 25th at midnight just over 2,000 years ago. This is the exact moment when the Sun entered Capricorn. In Instill the Grain, we taught how Capricorn upon the Zodi Act Wheel signifies The Christos. During the Stages of Ascension, a time will come after the anchoring of the Christ Seed, where your Christos essence will be born.

“When these codes are ready to be received into the body of form, it is gifted into the Divine Crown (Capricorn). The sacred golden honey is poured into the body via this sacred river. The sacred river that connects the Worlds of Seen and the Worlds of the Unseen.” ~Instill the Grain

Next, upon the Ascension journey, you have the next stage of Aquarius. This is the stage of baptism where your Spirit rains down plasma diamond and sapphire light upon your body after the Christos has been born within you. “The sign Aquarius symbolizes THE MIND, the Creator, the Cosmic Waters, the very fountain of existence.” ~Instill the Grain

This is the stage of the Higher Mind Awakening because you have opened all 12 Chakras to become fully in alignment with your Soul. Your Soul has now anchored around your Soul Spark and your human vessel. Prior to these activations you will have the symptoms mentioned in The Ascension Symptoms Manual such as:

· Electric Nerve Shocks

· Crown Tingles

· Non-stop Sinus Issues

· Coughing up Mucus

· Body Aches

· Vertigo

· Grumpiness around everyone

· Tightness between the shoulder blades

· Seeing tiny bright lights, especially when eyes are closed and more

It is because of these Solar Alignments that specific gateways open in the cosmos to allow more light from the Higher Planes of existence to enter this realm. This is why the highest number of death state transitions occur during this timeframe (view The Sun Door blog post for more info The Sun Door ( ). It is also during this timeframe that some have to opportunity to Ascend their flesh suit and move through Pearlia (Sun City with the Pearl Gates) into the Celestial Academies.

Archangel Raziel Speaks: When a Soul Spark ascends, because it has been operating via a dense vessel upon the shadows, it does not ascend directly to the highest gate. Instead, it will go to a destined gate for acclimations and transitioning. The continuation of its consciousness as well as its Light is determined by its intellect. Many of you who will continue expanding and learning will go to a place that is 1-2 octaves above your current plane. This is where the Celestial Academies are located.” ~ TZ16: The Celestial Academies section in The Shekhinah Codex

This is also a timeframe when many of you upon your Ascension journey will have a massive upgrade occur within your Divine Blueprint Transition.

The mystical meaning of the five-pointed North Star is that bright white flashing light that anchors at your Crown Chakra prior to you birthing your Christos. The symbolism of the five points is the representation of the Four Living Creatures that surround The Mighty Throne of all Thrones and the Christos essence itself. The Four Creatures are the four elements. These elements merge with the Christos, the sacred River of Honey that feeds into all of existence to form an emanation of God Source.

“And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.”

~Revelation 4:6-7 KJV

The Lion represents Fire.

The Calf (Ox) represents Earth.

The Man represents Water.

The Eagle represents Air.

The many eyes are us, the 144 Seraphim. For it is through us that waves of emanations emit. For we project out the Divine Will (word) of God Source. We are the manifestation of all four elements.

“This is the creation of that which is known as Adam, the man species. The snow is the plasma white light sparks from the Sapphire Flames that are beneath The Mighty Throne used to create the body. These are the compositions found in the elements which form material matter.” ~The Shekhinah Codex

Man represents water because the very snow, which itself is of the element of water, that is the LIGHT SPARKS of the SAPPHIRE FLAME (blue flaming sword) are the very compositions of the elements that form your human body, we call THE ADAM.

“Traces of the divine light adhered to the fragments of the broken vessels like sparks. And when the fragments descended to the bottom of the fourth and last world, they produced the four elements, and when all these became completely materialized, some of the sparks still remained within. Therefore, it should be the aim of everyone to raise these sparks from where they are imprisoned in this world and to elevate them to holiness by the power of their soul.”

~Quoted from Israel Sarug in The Shekhinah Codex

The story of Mary and Joseph seeking refuge in an Inn just to find there is no room for them signifies how there is no room for THE INITATE to birth THE CHRISTOS when one is busy plugged into the material earthly collective consciousness. The collective does not understand THE INITATE, and THE INITATE does not feel connected to the collective, therefore there is “no room” in the Inn. Yet, there is room in the manger which is THE HUMAN BODY of THE INITATE. Mary represents the pearl-essence, Meri means pearl, and this is your Soul Light expression. Joseph represents your Intellect which is your Spirit. When these two are in alignment then the birth of the Christos can occur.

This birthing occurs just below your naval. Light travels into you via the Hara Line (Sushuma), which is the same as your 12 Chakras. As each of your Chakra centers open and become fully pure, it allows the flow of the Christos light to enter you. This is felt mostly today via the Vagus Nerve. This light will start its process via the 8th and 9th Chakra, then filter all energy that no longer serves you via your liver. The light descends to stabilize between your liver and your spleen, which is represented in ancient manger scenes and mythology as the donkey and the ox. Even the god Dionysus is depicted riding a donkey, holding his staff which is laced in ivy to depict immortality, honey dripping from the top to signify the Christos honey dripping down the Hara line, which can also be seen as your spine.

The star above the manger has always represented a true mystic, a true INITIATE who will walk as an Ascensded Master. The pentagram of the five-pointed star has long been taught as the five virtues of man which are Justice, Wisdom, Truth, Goodness, and Love. It is through the balance of these within your five Energy Bodies that one becomes a true walking Master.

The gifts of the three wisemen (your tri-fold flame) are:




Myrrh was highly used in ancient Egypt because of its symbol for Immortality. Frankincense is used for cleansing and evoking the Angels because of its high vibration field, which holds the essence of Love, which IS existence itself. Gold has always been sought after for its vibrational field. It connects one directly to the Metatronic Sun (Universal Sun) which is a doorway to God Source, the Intellect of ALL. Lastly, each one of these gifts corresponds directly to the Sefirot Tree of Life we teach in The Shekhinah Codex:

Myrrh connects you to Binah, which is Understanding.

Frankincense connects you to Chesed, which is Love.

Gold connects you to Tiferet, which is your Body.

This brings us to the KEY OF LIFE, which is the stage of Ascension we teach as ‘To Know Thyself’. It is through Love and Understanding of yourself that you gain the Key of Life, the sacred Ankh. The symbol itself is of the human body with the legs joined together. It is through this key that one obtains entry into the Doorways of Ascension.

Love is the only way. Love for yourself and Understanding (patience) of the natural flow of your Light. Be silent. Be Still. Be Patient. Be Calm. Be in THE NOW and allow the river of honey to flow through you and coat your very breath, so that you too may emit the River of Honey, the Christos.

Be the Buzz.

© Zaneta Ra 2023

This is a Channeled Message from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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