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The Sun Door

As we lead up to March, you will feel an intense amount of new energetic waves. This is the time to be still and for self-care more than ever. As we lead up to the full alignment of portal openings into the Region 1 of Earth's outer shell, you will have an increase of death. What this simply is are those who are unable to ascend with the body, ascend out of the flesh to travel while this doorway to the Sun is open.

The god known in legends that oversees this doorway is none other than god Janus. The god Janus is what the month January was named after. He is the god of time, new beginnings, endings, doorways, transitions, as well as duality. There are many major gateways for the Earth, however, he oversees the main gate we call The Sun Door. This is the gateway that leads Souls to the Solar Gates. The god Janus is seen sometimes with two heads because this doorway is made of two doors. Just like all doorways into the God realms they will have two doors where the ones to the mortal homes have one door. Micro to Macro.

The Souls that do not house the Key Codes upon their Light Body to go directly to the Sun city Pearlia (See the book Angelic Pearls 144 for more) will have to travel via this gateway to enter the Sun. Why is this process of importance? It is important because this is how a Soul can leave this local Solar System. The gates there are like that of Grand Central Station. There are many routes one can take to exit the "city".

When it comes to the ascension of what we call body dropping (a death state transition), it is done mostly after the holiday called Christmas and during the month of January. This is why, because the region 1 Sun Door opens. If you were to research when the most natural deaths occur, it is during this time. So, we ask you all to rejoice and celebrate the life and achievement of your loved ones who ascend at this time. It is of such a high honor to traverse this plane and gain access through THE SUN DOOR.

For those who are able to transform the mortal form, you are your own Sun Door. In that very moment when you ignite your internal Solar Flash, you become a Sun Door and are instantly transported into the God Realms of the Sun.

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