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Light Weaving Gridwork: Cinnamon

As an Angelic Lightwalker, I work with the organic elements created by Divine to help align any energies upon Earth that are out of alignment. When it comes to working with (some would call magic) LIGHT, you must know what you are doing. Everything in existence IS ENERGY, which IS LIGHT. There are unlimited spectrums of LIGHT and this is what you are working with when you do TRUE GRID WORK.

True grid work (as it is labeled by new age) is what I call Light Working or Light Weaving. Timelines, Densities, and Dimensions (aka realms) are all one big Tapestry. The threading of this Tapestry can be viewed as vibrations. Each vibration is a color and thus for known as a Spectrum. When the threading is knotted, it becomes out of alignment with the Divine Will of God Source, which is the organic blueprint.

Before humans or any dense body was placed here, the Tapestry was already created. This is what we call the elements. It was from the elements that Elementals came into form here. They oversee this Tapestry alignment, row by row. This can be seen as the land and the grid lines. Humans can be viewed as an embroidery design that was created atop this Tapestry.

When it comes to humans disturbing the land, it disturbs the Elementals. In America, these Elementals were once respected by the Natives. When the Spanish, then the Europeans came and disturbed the land (not to mention slaughtering the pure Natives), they basically made a lot of unseen forces very mad. It is from this events that an energy vortex or grid line became off-balanced. This in turn affects the DNA of humans.

“The way a planetary grid is formed is by the DNA of the beings who exist upon it. This is collective consciousness, which is projected out of the human DNA. By altering the DNA, you then alter the matrix grid, which is time.” ~Angelic Pearls 144

With this backstory, now you can see how psychic abilities and wisdom that was once held by humans have fallen. When you disturb the organic grid work of something, it has a domino effect on everything else in existence. The Natives knew this and how to work with this and that is why their spirits linger, they are helping to protect this from worsening.

My grandmother is Native, and it is the land of my Native ancestors that were handed down to her and I grew up on. I would see them (spirit-form) as a child along with my Celtic-Hebrew ones. They work together in these other spectrums with those of us who can communicate with them and especially with their own bloodlines. They are our guides when it comes to “grid work”. Call upon them and they will help guide you if your intentions are pure and not ego based (ex: doing it simply for social media or because you see Spirituality as a trend). It is they that understand the powers of the elements.

All our herbs grow from the elements, Air (spirit), Earth, Water and Fire and today I am going to teach you about my favorite and most powerful one, CINNAMON!

Cinnamon is a special bark that I consume daily and have a close relationship with. It has long been used by Oracles, Prophets, Wisemen, Sages, Gods and Goddesses, Priests, and Priestesses. We used it to burn in ancient Temples such as Egypt, Greece, the Himalayas and more. Cinnamon was used as a holy anointing oil in the sacred Tabernacle by Moses, Egyptian mummification processes and it is said that Nero burned all of Rome’s yearly supply of cinnamon as an offering when his wife passed away.

Cinnamon has long been used for Divine Wisdom, Protection, and Fortune. For those who practice dark magic, it has been used for love and money spells due to its powerful vibration makeup.

Home Protection

· Place a cinnamon broom (just the end, not the handle) above all entry doors of your home.

Physical Protection

· Place the bark in hot water for 11 mins. When cooled enough for touch; gently rub the water on your skin using your index finger in the motion of outward to inward three times. Holding the intent for it to cleanse your Physical Energy Body as well as to protect you.

· For internal cleansing, drink a cup of cinnamon tea.

· For external cleansing of your Aura, burn cinnamon bark. (I make them on my sage or palo santo for extreme cleansing, see my store link to buy some)

Home Cleansing

· Burn cinnamon bark or incense throughout your home, starting at the East Corner of your home (closest to your front door if possible) and working your way towards West, then North to South. Start at the bottom of a corner and work your way upward. Using the smoke to lift the lower energies upward and outward. As you slowly move towards your left, continue along your walls. When you come to a window, place an X with the smoke and do the same East to West, North to South movements to place a protection barrier. Use the same technique for Doors, Mirrors, and Closets.

· Use the boiled cinnamon bark and place in a clear glass jar, in a dark room for 30 days to make cleansing spray. Then go around your home to spray in the directional corners.

Land Cleansing

· You can use home-made cinnamon spray or smoke for this. Cleanse the land in a 6-point directional grid. This will need to be done daily for 30 days if you have very active lower vibrational Elemental Spirits on your land. If it is very active than you will need to amp up the protection by tossing dried Cloves and Hawthorne berries.

Spiritual Awakening

· Burning cinnamon during meditation helps enhance your journey.

· Drinking cinnamon before psychic activities will enhance your upper Chakras.

· Burning cinnamon helps to empower and inspire your energy field.

Psychic Vampire

· Write the person’s full name on a piece of paper and place a black tourmaline stone upon it. Dip your index finger in water, then into cinnamon to then place a line across the name (starting towards you then away from you).

Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, Mercury, & Osiris are the most popular.

Element: Fire

Energy Frequency: Masculine

Stone: Tourmaline

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: Fire signs

Angels: Seraphim

© 2023 Zaneta Ra

This blog and its entirety are for entertainment purposes only. Information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. Zaneta Ra is not responsible for your actions.

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