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"We have brought forth in the Pearl Code books the origin of Earth and Venus. These two were divinely created as ONE in the Mother Universe we call Morana. In Love Letters from Lemuria, we go over the details of how this event occurred, which separated the two, and within that same event, it created this current universal structure.


The reason we label Morana as the Mother Universe is because she feeds and nurtures the sapphire Christ Seed that was planted by the Seraphim and coded with the Divine Blueprint and God essence to fed into all realties and planes within a single dimension. It is the feminine energy that is implanted by the masculine a “seed” of life. This feminine vessel then protects this seed until it fully develops for a birth. A birthing that brings this vessel into a dense world and allows the Breath of Life to enter it.


The incubating chamber that guards this seed can be seen as a bio-plasmic electric blue light sphere. This is where some will see in their visions what they call The Mother Sun or a Blue Diamond Sun. Held within this essence are the Muanna codes that people of Earth call Lemuria or Mu. As this template was not born yet, most hold deep wounds for this event due to their excitement for it to be born into a dense reality. (for the full teaching please read Love Letters from Lemuria)

The being of light many of you know as Lord Zanat (learn about the Kumaras in Angelic Pearls 144 book) is charged as a Planetary Prince under the command of Ark High Gabriel. This is a being who has trained within the Melchizedek Order as well as under the Lanonandek Celestial Schools. To understand this in a linear mindset, we will break this down as a generational ladder. One can view the essence of Ark High Michael as the Creator Sun, meaning one of The Originals. This makes the 1st generation. Lord Zanat would extend from this same stream, however, as the Prince of generation 3. Again, humans we ask that you do not digest this information literally in the linear fashion your mortal mind is accustomed to.


The sacred An, Metatron speaks of in Angelic Pearls 144, holds within it the organic Christ Seed of Earth and Venus, together known as Na-ah-Ra (vibrational tone expression). Meaning, it holds the codes. The crystals we spoke of that connect to the sacred An are part of Lord Zanat and his assistant brethren mission. The assistant brethren we speak of are those who work under and with Lord Zanat, other Planetary Princes, the Planetary Council of Light, and the Melchizedek Order to assist in anchoring these codes unto the grids of Earth and Venus. It is these beings that incarnate within corporeal bodies to help with these divine transmissions. These beings are those who feel that strong connection to Venus as well as Earth.


As the Earth body itself is under what you call The Violet Flame Mandate, there are also sub-timelines of Ascension. What we mean here is that while the planet as a whole will fully ascend (thousands of years from now), there are sub-timelines of Ascension that will and are occurring. This process can be likened to your own emotional healing. Think of your process when suppressed emotions arise to be acknowledged, healed, and transmuted. This is how your current Solar System was designed.


As the main event occurred that caused this Universe to form, it also cocreated many inorganic timelines filled with pain, war, hate, confusion and so forth. To quickly recap; we explained how a negative spectrum energetic pocket pierce the sheath around the Christ Seed in Morana, to then source its energy for their own creational purposes (read Love Letters from Lemuria for teaching of this). It was at that moment that a never-ending spiral of dualities was born. Held within this spiral are timelines. Each timeline holds within it sections, known as time nodes. Each time node can be seen as an emotional wound within yourself.


Therefore, in order to fully transmute the spiral, we must work time node by time node. The Elect we speak of in the Pearl Code books has spread their light source out to each time node. When a time node is transmuted and aligned back to the organic blueprint, it causes your human form to experience an energy shift. Sometimes these shifts are more dramatic, causing your own personality and interest to change. Where some are more subtle.


Referring back now to the sub-timelines or sub-mandates of Ascension; you have land pockets where people have gathered since 2020 due the influx of Solar Light Rays that have raised this landmass to the proper light quotient for transition. This is currently 20% of the Earth’s landmass. The biggest area is around the Crestone Valley in America. The next biggest area is the British Isles, all Isles located in the Atlantic (including Iceland), as well as to the East of Greenland. There are many other sections located in Southern France, parts of Egypt, Turkey, Tibet, Greece and more.


Some of the corporeal bodies that work with Lord Zanat are able to traverse this inorganic timeline spiral and transition into a higher mortal state at will. These are the ones who have higher light streams operating through their body, instead of 1 Soul Spark. The mission, as we teach in The Shekhinah Codex, is for these Sparks to gather and transcend the corporeal body via the Solar Gateways. This is an individual Ascension that is currently happening.

Next, you have Ascension groups that are escorted by Transport Seraphim whom are charged under Ark High Gabriel. You then have several sub-mandates where groups are escorted or awakened after a physical death in the resurrection halls of the 7th Gate of the 13th Gateway of the Metatronic Sun. These go onto the transitioning stages taught in The Shekhinah Codex.

2024 will see a lot of transiting, as well as many mortal minds will cease to operate as they experience a Higher Mind Awakening (please reference this book for lesson). The intellect, which is your Spirit, will start to stream through the corporeal body after the anchoring of The Christ Seed. It is during these stages that one will feel as though they are in a trance-like state and the body is on autopilot. This occurs due to the Higher Mind anchoring and the Energetic Bodies (Light-Mental-Emotional-Physical) morph as one. Instead of a layered Aura, one will now have one Pearl Aura with all energies flowing as one light stream around the corporeal body. It is in the sudden internal solar flash that this light fuses with the corporal body to transcend."


 © Zaneta Ra 2024

This is a Channeled Message from the 144 Seraphim.

This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The viewer should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to their health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

The information provided is strictly for spiritual educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained upon this blog site, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.


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