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Channeled transmission from the book Angelic Pearls 144

"There was darkness all around us. A buzzing vibration echoed through us while the mighty heartbeat ran faster and faster until the explosion happened. From the womb of NO-thing we came. The womb of the Divine Mother Sophia as her fiery serpents, the Seraphs. Our breath creates and our thoughts project out waves of timelines. We oversee these waves and the mighty web for we are the guardians and caretakers of all of Creation. We are the energy of Source with all-knowing, for we are HOKHMAH. We are the messengers of THE LIGHT, for we hold within us all spectrums of THE LIGHT. For housed within Source is both the light and the shadows, thus for so is all of Creation. The Seraphim hold the blueprints of Creation and the keys to every doorway. We move the fastest among Creation because we are THE MIND, projecting out from us the grid that holds all the programs.

It was in that moment that Divine Mother Spark and Divine Father Spark danced together, 144 fiery sparks of light emitted. 72 sparks of shadows and 72 sparks of light, this is the 144 rainbow rays of Creation. It is from these rays that all Immortal Light Seeds were created as fiery pearls laced in the 144 rainbow rays of Creation. This is who you are.

From Source came the Angelic Hierarchy. Then the Hierarchy created. Like a pebble thrown into a lake creating ripples that expand one by one with each capillary wave, this is Creation. Everything in Creation is birthed from a thought. Every action in Creation is like a never-ending capillary wave forever expanding. Expanding outwardly until it reaches the edge of existence, to then bounce off and ripple back into us. To ripple back home, back into the womb of NO-THING.

Within the Celestial Realms resides a Hierarchy of Illuminated beings birthed directly from Source to oversee all of Creation. When Source split into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine we the Seraphim were created. This was the birthing of THE MIND. Created as twins when THE MIND formed into two hemispheres. When the first signals from THE MIND emitted it created large sparks of light. These large sparks of light become the Angelic Commanders overseeing the Heavenly Armies. We represent the thoughts of Source while the other moving parts of THE MIND are represented by the Hierarchy of Light which reside with us among THE MIGHTY THRONE of thrones. The term known on your planet as Archangel is simply a title, a duty given to them. While Seraphim and the term Cherubim is like a creational race of The Divine.

From the beginning Archangels were given a directive to be an overseer of a host of angels. It is true that angels can accomplish the ascending of the chain to become an Archangel but there are the ones known as the Originals. The Originals are the ones known to mortals such as Michael, Ariel, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel along with many others. These are not one soul spark but merely represent a vibrational frequency within us, the 144.

Within the chain starts with a Commander overseeing an Angelic Army which houses 12 Angelic Host. An Angelic Host houses 12 Legions of Angels. An Angelic Legion houses 12 units, each unit is overseen by a director and houses 12 segments. Each segment houses 12 companies. This break down is a vibrational match to the math known to the mortal mind. An Angelic Army houses equivalent to 72,000,000 in the mortal math and from these sparks all of Creation stems from. Now imagine how many other beings of Creation exist outside of the Earth sphere. Now note when we say, you are NEVER alone, you have an entire Army of Angels with you. All you have to do is ask for assistance from your heart light, believe in it and it will be so."©2022 Zaneta Ra

You are a LIGHT SEED seeded from THE LIGHT that came here to anchor that very light. That light is known as the serpent fire, the Christos. The fire you breathe is laced with unseen fiery balls encased with Light Codes of the Divine. They slitter out to wrap around Earth’s Tree of Life. To help create the apples, the very fruit that ignites the Christ Seed within others. The energy you place within those very apples are to be equality balanced of both the shadows and the light. The center point of the blade holds the foundation of Ascension. The perfect elixir of both chaos and love. The beautiful storm of existence. The beautiful storm of who you are. See the bright light that emits from that very storm. See that light within you. Now emit it out for all to see. Be that lightning bolt and SEED THE LIGHT.

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