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What is a Mala Necklace

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Beaded jewelry on a string date back further than the age of this planet. More recently, shell beads on a string were found in a cave known as Blombos and are said to be from 70,000 BC. It wasn’t until the 8th century BC that ancient Mystics, Sages and Priests started to use them during meditation and prayer. This later become known as a Mala (which the Rosary stems from).

These beads were used to assist one with accessing higher knowledge. This higher knowledge is God Source/Creator. However, you hold the same divine wisdom within, and it is accessed via prayer. It is your Spirit/Higher Self that filters this wisdom into your pillar of light. It then enters your conscious mind when the timing is divine.

A Mala can be seen as a sacred crystal for a seer. As you hold a Mala, you are to rub your fingers across each bead, connecting with the energy of it. You can connect to seek like you do in any meditation or prayer ceremony. A sacred chant/mantra can also be used and is the traditional way. If you are centered in your heart, hold patience, and quiet your mind, then the Mala will guide you.

A Mala can also be worn. Some Malas offer psychic protection, align your energy field/aura, and can even aid in healing physical body ailments. It all depends on what you program it to be and what energies are used to create it. Meaning, that the person who makes it carries energy, their intention is energy, the beads/tassel/string etc. used all carry energy. Existence IS energy. All of that combined creates a specific vibrational tone for the Mala. When the energy of the Mala connects to your energy field, the two become one. It is no different than feeling a shift in your energy after interacting with another human.

When you first get a Mala, you are to set your intentions into it just like with any crystal. You also have to cleanse/charge it. A true authentic Mala will have 108 beads with an overhand knot between each one. They then merge into a guru bead which sits atop the tassel. Sometimes the tassel is adorned with sacred amulets or talismans. Malas can be made with wood or seed beads, natural gemstones/crystals, or pearls. The combination does hold a meaning and it is wise to fully understand prior to purchasing one if it desired to be used for your Spiritual Journey and not just for looks.

The ”look” of a beaded necklace with a tassel has become more of a fashion statement in America. It has become so blended in the “spiritual” community that many do not know what a true Mala looks like or how to use it. With that said, let us break down some simple Mala verbiage:

  • · Mala in Sanskrit means garland, like the word rosary which means garland roses. It is a garland around your head and heart designed to connect the two.

  • · Bead stems from the ancient word bede which means prayer.

  • · Tassel on a Mala represents the lotus which is the symbol of your Higher Essence/Spirit.

“When you look at the word Oracle what do you see first? The word Ora. This means mouth, speech, and prayer. The word prayer describes a communicational act between humans and the Sacred God Source, gods (Archangels), or the transcendent realm. This originated from humans going into sacred Oracle Temples to communicate with the Higher Planes.”
~Instill the Grain by Zaneta Ra

Learning what was taught in Instill the Grain you can connect the dots to the Mala. Mala beads to me as an Oracle, simply help you become the “seer”.

It is important to notice the outline I described for a 108 Mala. I have noticed many unauthentic ones being sold when the customer is genuine about using them. A lot do not use natural beads/stone, have knots, guru beads etc. Most are adorned with fake crystal looking pendants that are sold on Amazon.

The string used should be pure silk. Silk is used because its energy protects your field. Natural silk helps to deflect negative energy that is either trying to enter your field or is already in it. It is because of this power that it helps replenish positively charged photons within your Light Body. It is why most people feel so good after wearing silk or sleeping in silk sheets. Ancient Priestesses wore silk because of this purpose as well as it helps with transformation and harnessing creative energy.

*Zaneta’s Note: In my visions I see fragments of positively charged protons communicate and filter into the Light Body to those positively charged photons. I see the photons helping to bind atoms there which is part of Ascension. Meaning it is aiding in the molding of your Light (hence why the Sun in the sky become white in 2020). Again, this is what I see as an Oracle. For a deeper understanding of the current Physical Ascension humanity is experiencing please read The Ascension Symptoms Manual book*

Mala Chants

  • · Om Shreem: I use this often after placing each bead on my Malas. Om is the sound of Creation and stands for Oneness because we are all ONE. Shreem is the bija mantra of the goddess Lakshmi which helps to bring abundance and prosperity to the wearer.

  • · Om mani padme hum: The all-encompassing sound of the Universe.

  • · Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu: May all beings everywhere know peace.

  • · Om Namah Shivaya: I surrender/bow to my highest self.

These are only a few but there are endless mantras. It is ideal to allow your heart to choose for you. You can simply state affirmations such as:

I am Love. I am One. I am Whole. I am Complete.

I feel there is no right or wrong here as long as you allow your heart to guide you. Surrender to your Spirit and trust in yourself. You hold all that you seek within, not without.

Angelic Kisses Malas

In a dream Divine showed me a Mala and gave me specific instructions on how to create an Ascension Mala. It is because of this prophetic dream that I have connected with the 144 Seraphim Angels and created a line of Angelic Malas. Most will be intuitively created, meaning one of a kind. However, I was shown a few patterns to use to help people enhance upon their Ascension Journey.

All of my Malas are made on pure natural silk and with AAA Grade gemstones only. Most tassels I use are handmade and hand dyed one-of-a-kind, so your Mala is unique. The silk is a combination of Shantung and Dupioni sari silk. They do not have finished edges which I feel make them pure. This is also intended so you can trim to your own desired length. I was guided to use Dupioni because of the way it is created in nature.

Dupioni Silk is made when two silkworms spin their cocoon fibers together in the wild. Shandong Silk looks like Dupioni but has a more refined texture. It is also made from double cocoons. This represents your merging with your Higher Self in my Malas. Silk is sacred because it is created after a moth has completed its transformation and ascended from their cocoon. Just as you will become the butterfly and fly from your own physical cocoon and into The Light.


The stones and the layout given to me in a dream by Divine all have a powerful meaning to your journey here. When I make them, Angelic energy is encoded into each bead. Here is the journey:

The Mala starts with three Sunstone beads at the back of your neck (by your 9th Chakra). This represents your journey from the Sun as well as your Tri-fold Flame Heart. You then travel to Earth which is represented by the Smokey Dendritic Opals to journey under the “Night”, represented by the white Moonstone. For it is the Moon that takes energy. When you have conquered The Night, you then start to anchor your Solar Body represented by the 14 Sunstone Beads (7 masculine+7 feminine). You then have the internal Solar Flash and travel through the Solar Gateway by way of the Sunstone Guru Bead. You then become ONE again with your pearl-essence by way of the lotus tassel.

After making my first Ascension Mala I had this wave of pure energy overcome me. When I took it outside for the Sun to bless, several blue dragonflies flew to it and around me. Native American spirits always come to me in this form. This was a beautiful sign of them blessing the Mala. They are the ones who remain “unseen” to most but are the protectors of special ascension portals here. When you connect with this Mala if you see them during your meditation this is why.

After writing this I am sure many will copy this pattern and story just like many are now claiming to be a 144 Oracle etc. The codes placed by God Source and Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raziel, and Ariel cannot be duplicated. The diamond and pearl codes I place upon it cannot be duplicated.
Always connect with a Mala to tune into the energy and feel if it is made from the heart or from an ego. Your energy field is like your house. You do not let anyone into it. Always honor yourself because you are a beautiful pearl.
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