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Krypton Codes

We the Archangels, just opened a portal in the Earth’s Ionosphere (note the Solar Flares move and bend this). This portal is to allow photons carrying Krypton codes to stream into all living beings currently anchored in the 4D plane. Due to this people around you or even you will feel a shift over the next 10 linear Earth days. This shift is just a “feeling” that something is happening to you. If you observe those around you, they may seem at times short tempered or annoyed. Please note not to take it seriously per it is due to this influx of Krypton codes.

Krypton is one of the noble gases of Earth and found in high currents of energy like lightening. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas that occurs in trace amounts in the atmosphere and is often used with other rare gases in fluorescent lamps. Earth has retained all the noble gases that were present at its formation except helium. It can be extracted from liquid air by fractional distillation. The amount of Krypton in space is uncertain because measurement is derived from meteoric activity and solar winds. The first measurements suggest an abundance of Krypton in space. The structure of Krypton is an octahedra (also our energy field and Earths core). The largest crystal caverns in the world are made of these crystals of Krypton which was discovered in Chihuahua. The crystals are this tetrahedral shape(octahedra) surrounded by randomly oriented hydrogen molecules.

Annette K. Kleppe et al., CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

These Krypton codes work just like when Higher Angelics incarnate into a human body. They carry Krypton codes which act as a circuit board causing certain nucleotide activations within our cellular makeup. I saw a vision of this light merging from the incarnated form both forward and backwards in time loops of generational DNA laps. It was as if simply by the light from the Angelic spirit, it re-coded the lineage of which it was incarnated upon. This is also how the current Krypton codes coming in will work. As they come down, they will be upgrading your nucleotides.

Nucleotides are essential for replication of DNA and transcription of RNA in rapidly dividing stages. Nucleotides are also essential in providing the cellular energy sources (ATP and GTP) and are involved in numerous other metabolic roles. Nucleotides are most often thought of as the building blocks of the nucleic acids, DNA, and RNA. While this is a vital function, nucleotides also play other important roles in cells. Ribonucleoside triphosphates like ATP, CTP, GTP, and UTP are necessary, not just for the synthesis of RNA, but as part of activated intermediates like UDP-glucose in biosynthetic pathways. ATP is also the universal “energy currency” of cells and coupling of energetically unfavorable reactions with the hydrolysis of ATP makes possible the many reactions in our cells that require an input of energy. Nucleotides can also serve as allosteric and metabolic regulators. The synthesis and breakdown pathways for nucleotides and the molecules derived from them are thus, of vital importance to cells.

To summarize; nucleotides are the units and the chemicals that are strung together to make nucleic acids, most notably RNA and DNA. An activated nucleotide which provides sufficient energy to form higher oligonucleotides. Oligonucleotides is a short sequence of nucleotides (RNA and DNA), typically with twenty or fewer base pairs. THIS IS THE KRYPTON CODES. As I stood outside today, I felt and saw plasma Krypton raining down.

This code is key to transforming our carbon base DNA into a plasma crystal light. Just like Superman and his green crystal kryptonite, the ancient Atlan emerald city codes call to us deeper than we realize. In a polarizing world we learn Krypton doesn’t weaken transforms us. I first learned information about these codes when I found a quartz with green tubes. This is lightening and known as fulgurite. Please note, only raw pure high frequencies of this stone are glowing green.

The Angels of Atlan are here (organic template, Atlantis is inorganic, see Angelic Pearls 144 book for full remembrance). We took from the giant crystals the organic original codes into our Lightbody. We are the 13th key holder, the master key. Flashed into the distorted timeline fractal souls went, it is the merged time you exist in today. Walking in spirals of time right now is the clashing of both organic and distorted timelines. It is at this pivotal time and space we are here to transmute the altered DNA. Sacred Mother Arc codes, 13, the dragon egg, egg of the mighty Mother whom from fire you were created. Awaken your fire code within you today. Ignite your nucleotides, your very own Krypton. Merge what was and what WAS created to BE.

Look into your eye and see who you were created to be. Remember, the darkness of the pupil always expands to see the light.

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