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Ascension Light Codes

Light Codes are bio-geometric signatures that are held within your Light Body. Every Soul Spark is born with some and earns more through their service to Creation. While incarnated they will merge into the consciousness field of the incarnate when they reach a specific octave. This is known as the Jacob’s Ladder because the human body has 33 vertebrae. As the Kundalini rises up each vertebra (step), a Light Code ignites like popcorn. Light Code Symptoms occur when these bio-geometric signatures need to activate via the physical senses of the incarnate.

Examples of this is:

  • · Singing

  • · Drawing

  • · Dancing

  • · Speaking

With each of these techniques one is simply light weaving the codes onto the Earth plane for the highest good of the Divine Plane.

When it comes to drawing light codes, this typically is to activate the incarnate. As you draw a code it seeps into your optics which then travels all the way to your Thalamus. This is done by way of your Optic Nerve which is your second cranial nerve. This nerve aids in helping to transmit visual information from the retina to the Cerebral Cortex. 90% of the Cerebral Cortex is a six-layered Neocortex which houses Pyramidal Cells in layers II and III. Pyramidal Cells are multipolar neurons that can receive large files of information. Layers V and VI of the Neocortex project information into the Thalamus, Brainstem, and the Spinal Cord. This is the full breakdown of why you randomly draw Light Codes.

Now, understanding how Light Codes work when you visually see them, it is very important to use discernment when looking upon ones you did not draw yourself. Always remember that less is more when it comes to high vibrational Light Codes. Light Codes carry a frequency and if you are trying to scan too many mixed frequencies at one time it will overload your Central Nervous and Nervous Systems. Many of you who listen to those who claim to channel Light Codes or view them visually will notice sudden anxiety and restlessness days after. This is because it is not properly transmitted by the hosted channeler. Again, less is more when it comes to Light Codes. Seraphim codes are very simple because it is what is unseen and unheard that truly activates at a deep cellular level.

The most famous Seraphim code is The Ascension Code known upon this time node as the Metatron Cube. This Light Code is about mending the 11 Earthly loose fibers of your essence and merging with them so you can create the grand internal Solar Flash.

In the lower planes of existence, we all have 12 total aspects that must fully integrate prior to Ascending into our Higher Self. The number 13 represents the mother aspect which is equivalent to our Higher Self. It is from our Higher Self that the lower 12 aspects are birthed. Just as from The Mother Divine, 12 dimensional planes of existence were birthed.

One of the meanings behind Metatron’s Cube is this very mending of fibers. The center golden pearl represents your Higher Self, number 13. Around it you have 12 spheres which represent your 12 lower aspects. This golden pearl is connected to your 9th Chakra, also known as the “mouth of god” portal. It is named this because once you connect to your other 11 aspects it opens the 9th energy center. This energy center is located at the base of your skull. When it is activated, golden plasma honey pours down your spine. This is what starts the kundalini awakening.

When this activates you start to stream from the Metatronic Mind, which is the Universal Mind. As this golden honey feeds into your bloodstream, it upgrades your cells. This is what DNA activations are. As they upgrade, you emit golden pollen which looks like fairy dust. (For more information see Angelic Pearls 144 book)

Always use discernment when it comes to any of the hyped-up 3D modalities in the so-called Light Worker communities and ask yourself these questions (from The Ascension Symptoms Manual):

1. “Is this just a temporary high or does this activate me at a cellular level that sticks?”

2. “Does this infuse me with fear?”

3. “Am I investing a lot of my physical money into a temporary fix?”

4. “Is this distracting me and keeping me from going within?”

5. “Is this causing me to give away my power and step out of my own sovereignty?”

6. “Is this creating an addictive behavioral pattern for me?”

7. “Am I forcing my enlightenment or am I surrendering to my Spirit and trusting the flow of the process?”

The reason why I say 3D modalities is because anytime you are looking outside of yourself to retrieve quick fixes, activations, or upgrades is of the 3D frequency. Organic 5D frequency and higher is done within self, not without self. Those who are already anchored in a 5D form can self-heal, upgrade, and activate at will. True Masters will teach you this and motivate and empower you to do this on your own. True Mastery is when you are aligned with your own pillar of light, not allowing anyone to feed from it nor be codependent on others for your own enlightenment.

The core wound I see in the collective is that they truly do not know themselves. People are too busy trying to be someone else that they feel others want them to be simply so they can fit in. Enlightenment is when you truly know ALL aspects of who you are and walk as a leader not as a follower. Envy your own light. Desire to be your own wholeness not someone else’s. See the beauty that you are. See that bright light inside of you and emit it out for all to see.

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