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Ascension Christos Light Code

When you are climbing the mountain of spiritual mastery, one of the key components is to never stop moving. Just as when you are hiking in nature, if you stop to rest for too long, your muscles will slowly become tight. If you pause while climbing the Pearl Mountain to reunite with your Higher Self in the God Kingdoms, you will fall backwards multiple octaves in vibration. This is why some of you have those moments along your journey where you feel so propelled by the energy shifts within you but then all of a sudden you feel as though you hit a brick wall.

When that wall appears, you are to pull into you from your pillar of light that pure Christos prana and refuel your cells. This charges up that spiritual fire within that you are to use to explode that wall from your path. There are many who choose to seek externally to raise their vibrational field, this is not organic, and it will only keep you stuck on time loops.

It is when you fully dedicate yourself to serve the highest spiritual expression of yourself as an actual lifestyle that you will have that constant energetic exchange of higher light frequencies. This light helps to fuel your cellular structure to keep you motivated and equipped to climb that mountain.

Human cells hold a positive and negative charge just like batteries. As the 144 states in the Angelic Pearls 144 book, humans are walking saltwater batteries here to conduct Sources light into the Earthly grid. The human vessel conducts this energy to create electromagnetic signals. If there are any disturbances in this process it causes a loss of energetic stability in the bio-spiritual field. This in-turn causes messages to become loss between your cells. This communication is very important for your Ascension journey because it is what is needed for DNA upgrades.

From Cracking the Chrysalis: Shattering the Steps of Ascension:

“Your Christ Self sends the Christos light into your 9th Chakra which then drips into your central nervous system. These are those Source signals. It then shifts to create your own biological base rhythm which can be seen as a radio tower. Their vibration emits to your blood cells. Think of the blood cells as the record housing the tracks for each radio station to play. These records now go to the brain for it to “play” them. Each organ in the body hears a specific “record”. What these records house is your organic Christos blueprint. One of the first steps on your ascension path is to be a master of your own mind, to take back your power of the thoughts so your Spirit can flow smoothly through you. When we go into meditation it is our Mental Body, we travel with first. So, when we master this law first, it allows the others to flow. Remember, it is the Mental Body that is your paint brush. The colors it chooses and the strokes it makes determines what is painted onto your reality canvas.”

When you take time to connect to your higher essence via your pillar of light and pull into your form this energy, it will keep your field balanced and motivated. Most humans are unable to be in my presence for long periods of time without feeling drained or irritated. The reason is because my energy field is vibrating so fast that it can cause a disturbance to other fields like a jet ski coming by creating waves in the water. People who are vibrating so fast and have nonstop energy will notice themselves becoming more and more isolated and this is why.

One of the reasons we preach about the importance of water during these times of such intense upgrades is because it helps to ground these energetic signals within the body. Electromagnetic transmission of DNA’s genetic information is carried through water, which imprints the base template. Water holds memory (See Seraphim of the Water Speaks in Angelic Pearls 144 for more) and has the ability to retain memory of substances previously dissolved in it, as well as hold the memory of DNA imprints, and higher consciousness effects. (Hence why using the water blessing guided in The Ascension Symptoms Manual is important to harmonizing your energy field)

Water in the human body is needed to be a conductor of memory storage for all electrical currents. This is what allows the consciousness field and the body to communicate via energetic signals best known as DNA upgrades. The codes held in a DNA strand is transmitted through this water via oscillation signals. These signals create a DNA sequence that becomes imprinted like a polaroid captures a moment in “time”. This snapshot acts a key badge that gives you access to larger files of information known as LIGHT CODES. See the Ascension Light Codes video for more information on Light Codes.

Each Soul Spark houses their own set of key codes and set of files they can access. This access cannot be done through anyone else or any outside source. Each incarnate has a Christ Key housed within their heart. This Key holds a specific vibration that only you can attune into to recognize. One this interaction takes place; it allows the full anchoring of your Christos pillar to descend around you. Not understanding what this Christ Key feels like is due to the massive disconnection the human population has become from natural born kingdoms of Earth which includes the organic Angelic Human Blueprint. To retrieve your Christ Key and attain mastery, one must seek within. When one is too busy searching everywhere else…their light becomes fragmented causing one to not “know” thyself. The first step in knowing thyself is to love all aspects of thyself. Like we stated in The Ascension Symptoms Manual to FLY you must:




Love ALL aspects of yourself.

Love ALL of Creation because that is who you are.

Love ALL that reflects back at you because that is who you are.

Ascension is very simple; LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY.

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1 Comment

Agness F
Agness F
Jul 29, 2023

Yes Coming back home to self in stillness of mind listening n feeling into heart ❤️

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