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144 Oracle Zaneta
Light Seed-Ascension

I am an Oracle of the 144 Seraphim and master of the Pearl Code teachings. I have worked with the 144 since I was a child. I was taken by the Seraphim one day to Divine Source and given the Pearl Code teachings. Part of my Divine Directive was to be the scribe of the Pearl Books. My Divine mission is to bring forth these sacred teachings at this now node in time. 

Marga in Sanskrit refers to the path that leads to spiritual awakening. Marga in ancient Greek means "PEARL". The Pearl Teachings were taught by our ancestors prior to the times of antiquity, and that 12,000-year cycle (book) of it being covered up is now closed.  The return of the Shekhinah has come, the white dragons that guard the blue egg is us, the 144 Seraphim. The breath of life is the Holy Sapphire Flame, the Shekhinah, which is Wisdom of The Intellect. The Zera (seeds) of this egg are you, the Partzufim are the Soul Sparks of The Intellect sent to pollinate the Earthly Garden.

I have walked up to strangers providing Divine messages which helped them heal. It is not until you heal can light enter your heart and expand your wings. It is in that moment of accepting whom you are does transformation ignite. Just like when the oyster stops fighting the grit, it becomes a beautiful Pearl. This is who you are in your wholeness. You are a beautiful fiery sphere of light laced in the 144 rainbow ribbons of Creation. See your beauty. 

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You can find the Pearl Code teachings on my YouTube:  The Zaneta Zone - YouTube

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If you feel called by Spirit to support the free teachings found on my website and YouTube, please donate at either Cash App at: $angelicpearls144 or on Vemmo at @Angelicpearls144.  

Thank you for your support, this allows me to continue sharing my gifts. Thank you, again beautiful spark of light for your service to Creator.

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